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What Are We Worried About and Why?

Sedona RetreatsWhen we worry we are in fear. We worry mainly because we feel out of control in our life. We may worry about the weather being good for an event we have planned or if we are going to get a promotion. The reality is this is something we can’t control.
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How Unexpressed Feelings Play Out

Sedona RetreatsAs children we are are trained to not feel and stuff our negative emotions. Be a big girl, boys don’t cry, or that’s not that big of a deal, don’t be a baby. The world teaches us to be strong at all costs.
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Different Meditation Types and Benefits

Sedona RetreatsMeditation is a great tool for rebalancing ourselves. Sometimes just sitting in silence is enough to clear our minds and move through whatever funk we are in. We very seldom just sit in silence and watch our minds.
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About Me

It is through my 30 years of personal development that I have learned how to nurture and truly love myself. I have come to understand that each situation that is presented to me in life is an opportunity to get closer to myself, and to love and know myself deeper.

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