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My Spiritual Guru Is Life!

Sedona RetreatsAt one point in my life I thought I wanted a Guru to help me with my spiritual guidance. Even though I have a teacher that holds me accountable, I have come to realize that life experiences are my true teachers and guru.
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Is Your Home A Haven?

Sedona RetreatsMany of us believe that to get relaxation we need to leave our homes. What ends up happening is that we are always working and saving for a vacation so we can go and relax.
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The Benefits of an Adult Mother-Daughter Retreat

Sedona RetreatsI have been getting so many requests for mother-daughter retreats with adult daughters. I work with women to help them go deeper into themselves, to notice their patterns, and to shift limiting beliefs and to hopefully live a more joyous life.
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About Me

It is through my 30 years of personal development that I have learned how to nurture and truly love myself. I have come to understand that each situation that is presented to me in life is an opportunity to get closer to myself, and to love and know myself deeper.

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