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The knowledge and tools that Debra has given my daughter and I is incredible! She is extremely compassionate and gave my 16 year old daughter and I a place where we felt safe to talk to her about anything and with no judgment. She came to us with facts and then provided us with the tools to be able to become stronger in our relationship and to understand each other on a level that was so deep. What Debra does in her Mother Daughter retreat is so special and so powerful! My wish is that she could somehow reach every mother and daughter out there, so that everyone of them could experience this beautiful gift she has given us! I will forever be so grateful for you Debra!
-Rokina, Mom

During this retreat I’ve learned so much about myself and my mom. Stuff that I would have never been able to see without the help of Debra. The way that she breaks it down makes everything so clear. Before meeting Debra and coming to this retreat, I didn’t have a relationship with my mom. To be honest if this didn’t work I was ready to give up. But after just 3 days of working with Debra everything has changed.

I now understand why we act the way we do , what to do and how to talk to my mom when I’m triggered. I am so extremely grateful to have Debra and I wouldn’t want anyone else to help me with this process. I’ve literally only known her for about 4 days and I trust her with my life. The work that she does is amazing I will never forget how she changed my life
-I love you Cyan, daughter

Rokina and Cyan

“I almost chose a different couples retreat in Sedona Arizona which would’ve had my husband and I driving all over town for our healing sessions with different healers. Debra’s couples retreat was perfect in every way. We saw only Debra throughout our whole retreat (with the exception of going out on the land with Mark who picked this up.)  We never had to drive anywhere!

I felt an immediate connection to Debra and felt she always knew what we needed. Her technique gave me a better understanding of my ego/inner child. She gave us the tools to own our own actions/emotions and the ability to take the responsibility off the other person. I saw my husband in a different light and learned more about him as he began to open up to me.

As we spent three additional days in Sedona after the retreat, I was aware how a lot of things that used to bother me about my husband did not cause a reaction within me. I constantly visualize myself as a little girl and him as a little boy harmoniously playing together. My satisfaction with Debra and her techniques is so great I plan on giving my 21-year-old son a gift to attend her individual retreat. I have great confidence she will guide him to be a better, deeper understanding of his true self.”


“I came to this retreat seeking guidance, wanting to reconnect with my wife and I found exactly what I was looking for with Debra’s guidance, not only was I able to reconnect with my wife, Debra also helped me realize that there were other things affecting my life.

I would not change anything about this experience. It was the right amount of time, the setting was perfect, and Debra was knowledgeable and able to recognize where I needed the most assistance. The one-on-one sessions were extremely helpful and staying on-site was convenient.

Our spiritual guide Mark was friendly  and provided lots of information my wife and I could use back home. I feel so grateful to have come here and to have Debra as our guide in life. I now have a much better understanding of life myself, the woman I love, my children, work and family.  Thank you Debra”



I’m so grateful that the universe let our paths cross. I found you at the perfect time!
Thank you so much for helping me gain insights into my inner child and how much damage she was causing. I look forward to practicing the tools you taught to help keep her in check and let me live in my higher self. And thank you also for teaching me how to forgive. You are a gifted guide and blessed are those of us who get to learn from you. Thank you also to Mark another generous soul who took me out on the land to feel the healing energy of the beautiful area.

Thank you again for these invaluable gifts.”

2 Months After Retreat Update

Debra, I wanted to update you on my continuing soul journey.  I am two months out from my spiritual retreat, and I continue to practice what you taught.  I  continue to be amazed at how often my little girl makes an appearance!  She is sneaky.

I am working on incorporating the various tools that you taught me to manage her and live out of my higher self.  I don’t always catch her and she sometimes runs wild, but I don’t beat myself up for that anymore. Instead, I try to learn from it, recognize the triggers, and embrace the next opportunity to practice what I have learned.

Since my retreat, friends and colleagues have noticed the change in my demeanor and approach to things — much more calm, peaceful and balanced.  And I definitely notice the increase in positive energy in myself and those around me as a result.

Thank you again for all you have given to me.  I continue to be so grateful that the universe brought you to me to help me learn to shift my old beliefs and live with more gratitude and compassion.

Be well.

With love and compassion, Yvette

“I walked into this retreat feeling overwhelmingly sad, broken and alone. I am walking out empowered awake and at peace. To say that this retreat was life changing would be a huge understatement. This work is incredible and creates huge shifts. I’ve done self-improvement work for over a decade, but nothing ever really changed for me.

This work with Debra made it clear why nothing had ever worked before. She is an incredibly warm, sincere and loving person who creates a beautifully safe place to work in. I don’t want to leave! All I can say is you deserve this retreat. Love yourself enough to give yourself this gift. I will be forever grateful that I get it.”

Melissa Sanford

“Our 5 days here was very overwhelming and insightful. I feel that as a couple we will be stronger than ever. We came here broken and we’re leaving with many stitches I believe will heal us. I believe in your program and I look forward to our mentoring sessions and continued growth as individuals and as a couple. Thank you”

“My wife and I were having major communication issues leading to stress and fighting. Through this retreat we learned the tools needed to understand each other on a more intimate level and rediscover our love and passion for each other and our marriage.”

Amy & Noah

I so enjoyed the entire 3 day mother daughter experience. It was such a blessing not only to get to spend so much quality time with my daughter, but to have Debra mentoring us one-on-one, carefully planning out each session to specifically meet each of our needs.

Deborah has a way of “digging deep” and having fun through the process. I would recommend this retreat to any mother wanting to “reconnect” with her daughter and be open to learning ways to stay connected for a lifetime!

Thank you, Debra! You’re the best!

Rhonda (Mom)

This retreat was good because it allowed me to get more should In touch with myself, and also bond with my mom. It taught me how to handle situations better and how not to let the negative overpower my life. To learn to just relax and become happy and at peace with myself.

Meg (Daughter)

Dear Debra,

Thank you for connecting me with my little girl and Higher Self.  My three days with you were magnificent as you skillfully exposed my core beliefs,  taught me the process to shift them, and consistently triggered me to tears, thus facilitating a much needed release of deeply stored sadness, guilt, shame, insecurity, self-doubt, and grief.  Given my narcissistic family history, and 12-step background with CoDA and ACA, I was impressed with your knowledge of narcissistic dynamics and how accurately you truly understood my thought process.

I am loving my connection to my little girl and Higher Self!  Most importantly, I have reconnected with and taken back ownership of my self-worth and sense of Self, which happened from my work with you.  Working with you did the trick for me to step into and embrace who I’m meant to be.

With deeply heartfelt gratitude, we both thank you!

both “little” and “adult” Cathy


Debra is the first mentor in my life who was able to produce changes in me and consequently in my family. I’m a mother of 6 with children ranging from 9-21 and have been married 25 years.
We had previous marriage counseling with no results. Debra has taught me how to deal with my triggers (and there are many) and how to heal my childhood wounds. I’m learning to give myself compassion, a very new and powerful practice when you are used to putting yourself down. As a result my confidence grew and a level of peace has been restored to my family. My marriage is better and my quiet husband started sharing and wanting to spend time with me. My oldest child who had gone through a time of rebellion and recreational drug use, having been asked to leave the house, is now home, clean and working hard to pay off hefty court fines (yes he was In trouble with the law). Through that heart wrenching ordeal I was able to stay calm and go on with my life and family only because of Debra’s help. My second oldest started coming out of her shell and is now communicating and open to share more than before. All in all I’m at a place of peace that was unknown to me before and I continue to use Debra’s strategies to work on triggers and the many learning opportunities a family of 8 presents to me.


“Debra. Wow, all I can say is that you are simply amazing! I have been to many different therapists, throughout my life, but I have never walked out of anyone’s office with a greater understanding of who I am and what makes me tick, except yours. In just three short days, you did more for my well-being than the therapists have done in a year or cumulatively over a lifetime. I would like to thank you sincerely for helping me uncover and connect with my true self.”


“Through the three-day intensive retreat, you helped me discover my lifelong patterns, wounds and their triggers. I finally have clarity on how I have spent the last thirty-seven years of my life reacting to and living my life through the lens of my wounded inner child. Oh, by the way I did not even know that I had triggers no less an inner child until you showed them to me. I now enjoy the awareness and tools with which I can heal my wounds and change how I view my past, present and the future. I no longer carry around the shame, guilt and heavy burdens of being unworthy of love, hope and happiness. You have shed light into the deepest recesses of my mind and helped me understand how the patterns of wounding connect to each other and ultimately influence my codependent and self-limiting behaviors and by doing so you have set me on the path to thrive instead of survive.”

Thanks, M

“Through the thickest fog that life can bring comes Debra Beck: a radiant voice of reason during times of trouble or uncertainty. I, and several of my family and friends, have worked with Debra, regularly, for more than a year. Whether she helps me through an emotional “911″, or helps me slowly untangle some of my scars from childhood, she is always there with a calming, empowering presence. Debra Beck is a beacon of light and love who will enable you and your loved ones to know and love yourselves more then you ever imagined possible. I am a better woman, mother and friend because of Debra’s influence on my life.”

Dina Eastwood

“Working with Debra Beck in a concentrated time frame has been life changing for me. Through the Soul Retrieval process, Debra has the ability to cut through the noise, and to immediately provide tools for change. Applying what I’ve learned through my work with her, she has helped me lead a happier, more peaceful, and more fulfilling life. Debra balances her down-to-earth and honest approach with a loving and compassionate presence that feels safe and facilitates rapid progress. I highly recommend working with Debra on any issues, or just overall self-development.


“Debra, I want to Thank You! As you remember I was at the lowest time in my life, lost at how to get myself back on track. My wife had an affair that put me in a desperate situation; I needed tools to get myself straightened out.

In the 3-Day Retreat you spent 6-8 hours a day helping me reconnect with my spiritual side. In the months after this retreat I have used your method to reach an unbelievable connection to Source. I’m no longer afraid of emotional pain that comes into my life; I now have the skills to take care of my self emotionally.

Debra I’m glad to say that my new Primary relationship is with myself and Source and I will never go back to the old ways. Some things have happened since the retreat that changed my life forever. I feel I’m guided by a higher Power and I surrendered myself to that Power. I’m a happy Man

I recommend any of you guys interested in getting on the right track, to give Debra a try. I Promise you will walk away with the tools you need to have a successful life.

Thank You! Debra. I will always be Grateful for you.”


“Dearest Debra,
There aren’t enough words to express the impact your retreat had on me and my future. I came to you in a very dark, lonely place and within 3 days together I feel like a new person. My emotional and physical pain is gone and you have given me the tools to maintain this positive sense of self. Debra, you are the real deal, thank you for your wisdom, guidance and beautiful spirit.”
Blessing always!


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