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Do you want to clear obstacles in 2020 so you can live a more passionate and purposeful life?

Looking back on 2019 can you determine what impediments were holding you back? What areas in your life were you stuck and having problems? If you can identify the issues, then you will be able to see the obstacles and figure out what areas need to be healed to remove the blockages

A few ideas on being able to see your areas of obstacles is first to slow down, so you can see the triggers as they are happening, instead of days later. Your triggers will give you the insight into where you are blocked. If you are on autopilot and moving really fast, it will be impossible to catch the trigger and therefore see your obstructions.

If you can’t see them you will not be able to clear them and do your healing. Unhealed areas in you create the obstacles. So slowing down so you can see them is critical. Another point is to keep things simple. This process isn’t difficult on paper although it may be tough to practice.

I teach a process in my mentoring program that is simple and effective and will help you overcome any obstacles in your way to creating happiness. One of the biggest tools to this process is surrendering to what life is. Simply realizing that life is showing up in an exact way that is perfect for your healing, if you can catch it.

I am offering a 4-Week 2020 New Year One-on-One Mentoring Course that will help you identify the obstacles in your life that are keeping you stuck in old patterns and not allowing you to move forward.

People who sign up for this One-on-One Mentoring Course walk away with way more than they expected in life changing benefits.

  • Feeling less attached
  • Job shifts
  • Less worry
  • More confidence
  • Setting better boundaries
  • Increased energy
  • Sleeping better
  • More motivation
  • Better health
  • More passionate

I am keeping the price reasonable at $549.00 so that you won’t have any excuses for not doing it. It is a great way to bring in the new year!

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“Debra Beck’s, Sedona Soul Retrieval Retreat is something everyone at any age can truly benefit from. In the beginning I have no idea what to expect, which is why going into something like this with an open heart and open mind is key. Once you fully put yourself in Debra’s hands, she will help you unlock pathways, that were once lost or forgotten, leading you toward a plan of action that will help fortify the relationship with your inner child and higher self. Thank you so much Debra.”

Love, Graylen Eastwood