How alone time is critical to self preservation. Being Fulfilled Through Alone Time

Do you set enough time aside or do you need to come to a personal retreat?

It is easier for us to move through the difficulties of our life when we give ourselves enough alone time to figure things out. When our own physical and spiritual needs are met we have the ability to show up in our lives with greater ease.

Each of us has a certain well of energy that we must replenish regularly. When we don’t spend enough time alone tending to ourselves we will bottom out. When we are constantly going, scheduling every minute of our life we will start to feel depleted and exhausted. Through this exhaustion we will start to feel very disconnected from others and ourselves.

We need to find the time to nurture and care for ourselves through enough “me time.” Most people I know give a lot of themselves to others and very little to themselves. When we give to ourselves we are viewed as selfish, but this is actually not the truth. Do you know how they say when you are flying if something happens to put the bag over your nose first then a child next to you? There is a reason for this. If I am completely depleted from giving constantly and I’m not giving to myself I will have less to give to others and what I give to others will be full of resentment.

We can only be big in the world when we are full inside, through fulfilling our own spiritual and physical needs. If I am empty inside, empty is what I bring to the world.

I’m a firm believer in making time for yourself, whether it be in meditation, a creative endeavor, hiking, or anything that you are doing alone to assure self-preservation. When we take time for ourselves we are preparing ourselves for our day in a different way. It is critical to your well-being because it ensures that you aren’t left with an empty well, with nothing to give to yourself or others.

This is one of the main reasons why a personal retreat is so powerful. It sets aside 2 to 3 days of “you time,” that is completely uninterrupted. Besides filling your well, the breakthroughs will be amazing.


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