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When is a Good Time for a Mother-Daughter Retreat?

Sedona RetreatsWhen our daughters become adults it doesn’t necessarily mean we start having an adult relationship with them. If we don’t work through our childhood wounds there may be some resentment on both sides. The mother-daughter retreat is a great opportunity to work through all old wounding and patterns so that you can begin to have a more adult relationship with each other.
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Are We Ever Enough?

Sedona RetreatsIt seems we all come into the world with the belief that we are not good enough; that something is wrong with us.  And we base how we feel about ourselves on what accomplishments we are making out there in the world.  If we don’t have a job that is successful, a nice house, a perfect relationship, and a good body, we feel less than.
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The Power of a Mother Daughter Retreat

Sedona RetreatsMother Daughter Retreats are so powerful in bringing mothers and daughters into alignment with themselves and each other. I absolutely love being a witness to the transformations of the mother daughter retreats because the shifts are immediate and visible. When a mother and daughter come together in retreat for their own healing and the healing of their relationship the energy is pretty amazing.
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Sedona RetreatsMost of us have a lot of things on her plate every day, which leads us to multitasking quite often.  We may find ourselves moving through our days multitasking with everything we do. It is very hard to be present when we are doing five things at once.
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Having Good friends

Sedona RetreatsI know for me I have a lot of different types of friendships.  Some of my friends are an active part of my daily lives and know what is going on with me, whether it be good or bad. Then I have other friends that I only get together with every few months and we catch up on what’s is going on with us.
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Self Esteem issue in Adults

Sedona RetreatsMost people think self-esteem issues only show up in teens. If self-esteem isn’t developed as a teen it will follow you into your adult years.  I know many adults suffering with really low self-esteem matters.
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