Happy New Year!

I am so grateful to have all of you in my life.

This year particularly I think, for me, has been a year of really exploring my behaviors. Am I coming from a place of love or am I coming from a place of fear? The world is packed with situation’s that would bring fear into me. Although I must admit during the holidays, it’s way easier for me to be in a place of love. I’m gifting and giving from my heart, which always helps me stay in a place of love.

I hope that you take this opportunity with your Family to let go of any ideas that you have around them having to have the same beliefs as you do, so you can stay in a place of love with each other. Let go of everything that has to do with the outside situations and just be in that place of love in your heart. Recognizing all their good and letting go of any judgments you may have. Sometimes this is hard because our family brings up all of our stuff and then we start projecting how we feel onto them. Pay attention and if you start doing just that, breath and take yourself to a private space and go inward with your feelings, instead of projecting them.

It’s a new year for us to set intentions on being in a higher place with our consciousness and if you are struggling with this, make sure you look at doing your work, either, in a retreat or mentoring to help you recognize your behavior, and not act out. It feels so much better in our bodies when we manage our feelings and behaviors from a place of love. It also feels much better to others when we’re not projecting our emotions onto them, and not acting out.

I hope this new year brings you so much love and joy in your life.

Warmly, Debra

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