When you experienced jealousy what do you do? Have You Experienced Jealousy

Jealousy is such an odd emotion that we have all experienced probably numerous times in our life. Starting out when we were younger, having feelings of jealousy for siblings or wanting what another child has, leading into our teenage years possibly being jealous of our friends, then moving into our adult life, feeling jealous for not reaching certain successes that others have reached or just simply feeling a sense of yearning for a way of being in someone else’s life.

I believe we have all felt jealous many times in our lives; it is a common human feeling. So even when we feel jealousy, it okay because that is going to happen, it is what do we do with that feeling of jealousy. Do we feed it or do we pull our higher mind into the situation to understand it and not act out of it.

Jealousy is really one of the hardest feelings we come up against, with this aching sense that somehow life isn’t fair. It’s very important that we do not revel in our jealous feelings or allow our ego to come out and play and gossip with others. This is just feeding our lower self and growing these negative feelings inside of us.

All of our emotions give us the opportunity to go inward to see where our growth is possible. Jealousy can show us what our desires are and what we want in our life. It’s just important to recognize that it’s okay to have desires without jealousy. Recognizing what we want is a good thing, because we first have to realize what we want before we can create it. This also allows us to surrender to what is in our life and accept things as they are. This doesn’t mean that we don’t go for what we want, it just means that we are grateful for where we are and we are open to the possibilities of more.

One of the best ways to overcome jealousy is gratitude; gratefulness for life being what it is and realizing it is a complete gift.

In all of my retreats, whether it be, the individual intensivemother-daughter, or the couples retreat you will learn how to recognize your Ego mind and stop acting out of it, love yourself, shift these old beliefs and show up differently in the world.

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