Do you make conscious decisions? Making Conscious Decisions

How do you make your decisions? Do you automatically assume it’s a good idea because a lot of other people are making the same choice? Just because others are doing something doesn’t mean it’s right for you. We have all made one or two decisions based on the populous and realized that it wasn’t a good idea for us.

There are always many options available. We just have to take the time to explore each and every one of them to see which one fits us.  Not taking the time needed to make the right decision could be because of pressure from family, friends or society.

It is our responsibility to guide the course of our terrain and not drift along with the populous.  It is tougher to go against the masses making our own path. If we want to be the creators of our lives, we have to make decisions that our heart wants and knows to be true. But to know what our hearts desires we have to relax, sink in and listen to want we want instead of what someone else is saying to do.  

I think this is really tough for kids when they are growing up because the parent’s opinions are usually pretty forceful and the parents can have a way of presenting it that says it’s the truth. When we get older we will have to decipher what our truth is and start going against others beliefs. 

Making conscious decisions can only come when we are in touch with who we are authentically. This is why doing your inner child work and growing up that inner child is critical, otherwise we will make our decisions from a place of the wounded child not from the adult. The more we know ourselves, the better able we are to make decisions that are right for us.

How well do you know yourself? Do you trust the decisions you are making?

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“As soon as we began I knew this was the direction I was wanting to go. I felt Debra was spot on with where the feelings are coming from and truly gifted me with the tools to care for those feelings. She did such a great job at turning an ugly/hurt filled situation into a meaningful, purposeful, beautiful experience. I love the way I see and feel about myself, my mom and our relationship… Not only with each other, but with every body else in life. I can’t thank you enough, Debra. You are such a gift! I feel blessed to share in this experience.
-With love, Jennifer (Daughter)

Debra, thank you so much for helping me to connect with my daughter and myself. I’m very glad that I chose you in this reconnecting process!”
-Sincerely, Julia (Mom)

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