Soul Retrieval Mentoring

I have had mentors in my life for over 30 years and I couldn’t imagine moving through my journey without one. Being mentored has guided me to continuously connect with myself, through learning to love myself more deeply.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”
– Oprah Winfrey

I have the ability to see things that you are unable to and guide you out of the rabbit hole so you can see things more clearly. The best part of the Soul Retrieval Method it is rapid and the results are sustainable. We get in, get what we need and start using the tools immediately for prompt solutions.

Mentoring and the Sedona Soul Retrieval Method

Set up a Discovery Session and see
if a Mentoring Session is right for you.

You may be feeling stuck in your life and unable to unravel the challenges you face on your own. This is understandable because it is tough to see your own blind spots and what is holding you back when you’re inside of your stuff.

As a Mentor I am not emotionally attached to your story therefore I am able to help you discover your hidden blocks, gain awareness, and help you move forward in your life with better understanding and discernment. I can look in from the outside and help you free yourself from the patterns that limit you, helping you find your way through situations that seemed impossible and heal from your past.

People I have worked with found their way through many tough challenges to find a deeper connection and love for themselves and bring more meaning and purpose into their life. When we understand why we get triggered and we get the tools to shift those old beliefs that get activated through our triggers, we start the healing process, and learn to live from a higher place of being inside of us.

“A whole spiritual part of me I didn’t know how to explore. The universe works in mysterious ways, and now I know, always for your greater good. I learned so much about myself, my limiting belief system, and what makes me special and powerful. I am internally grateful to Debra for teaching me how to deal with my ego, so I can connect more with my higher self.”

~ Kim

An Invitation for Self Discovery

I personally have never been more at peace in my life than I am today. The mentors I have worked with have made this possible. This doesn’t mean I don’t have obstacles and challenges like everyone else. It just means that because of the work I have done, the fire has come out of the triggers and I now look at them as opportunities to grow and live in my higher self.

I ask the universe to bring it on, knowing that I am working closely with my higher power to learn what I need to learn to heal. Mentoring enabled me to stay open and live the life I am meant to live, being more authentic and empowered.

Do you want to:

• Deepen your relationship with yourself
• Create more meaningful connections with others
• Heal from your family dynamics
• Use the challenges of your primary relationship to empower yourself
• Understand why you react to certain situations
• Be yourself and feel more authentic
• Be centered through life’s turbulence
• Live in the present moment and feel more alive
• Overcome the obstacles that bog you down
• Find your purpose and live in it fully

Set up a Discovery Session and see
if a Mentoring Session is right for you.

“Working with Debra is a pleasure. She is compassionate, clear and connected and her advice enabled me to move through a stubborn old relationship issue. Thank you, Debra!”

~ Sunny S

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Mentoring Session

50 minute sessions with Debra Beck.

About Debra Beck

I love helping people recognise how they are living out of their limiting belief system, shift those beliefs, and live through their higher self and not act out of their ego.

It is my passion and my purpose to aid in the awakening of others and help them shift their lives to live a happier, more fulfilling existence.  It really inspires me seeing people have big breakthroughs that shift their current reality bringing them closer to themselves and others, with an open and honest heart.

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