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Do you feel like your not living the life you were meant to live? Have you lost your sense of self?


Maybe you are in transition in your life and want to create a new relationship with yourself. Maybe you lack clarity and don’t know what you are feeling; you just know you want a complete shift of your current reality.   If you want to break down old beliefs in a safe environment where awakening will occur organically, check out this one-on-one retreat.  

In Sedona or Remotely from the comforts of your own home!


Sedona Soul Retrieval will facilitate this lasting transformation that will shift how you feel inside and out, and how you show up in the world and how the world starts showing up for you.   Sign Up For your FREE Consult to see if this retreat is what you need to start living the life you have been meant to live.

“Through the three-day intensive retreat, you helped me discover my lifelong patterns, wounds and their triggers. I finally have clarity on how I have spent the last thirty-seven years of my life reacting to and living my life through the lens of my wounded inner child. Oh, by the way I did not even know that I had triggers no less an inner child until you showed them to me. I now enjoy the awareness and tools with which I can heal my wounds and change how I view my past, present and the future. Thanks,


“There aren’t enough words to express the impact your retreat had on me and my future. I came to you in a very dark, lonely place and within 3 days together I feel like a new person. My emotional and physical pain is gone and you have given me the tools to maintain this positive sense of self. Debra, you are the real deal, thank you for your wisdom, guidance and beautiful spirit. Blessing always!”



Life Changing One on One Retreats!

As women, we are seekers and we are always looking for a more meaningful life.


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