Living in our true authentic self and feeling at peace! Our True Authentic Self

Whether we acknowledge it or not, our authentic self exists but unfortunately it is hidden under our limiting beliefs and fears. It is only through the recognition of these fears and beliefs that we can truly live in our authentic self.

I had a client today asked me why we would put so much emphasis on her limiting beliefs? She was curious if that would only bring them up more. I told her that if she is not fully aware of these beliefs, she will act out of them even if her intentions are not to. It’s critical to know what your belief system is so that you can start shifting them to a more positive belief, thereby shifting your entire life.

What I have noticed with the law of attraction is if you have an underlying belief that goes against what you are trying to attract it simply won’t matter how much you try to bring something to you, it won’t happen because of your underlying belief system. Let’s say you have a belief that you have to work hard for money or you have to do what I don’t love for money.  If you are working with the law of attraction trying to attract money, it will be very difficult to do so with these belief systems in play.

So we need to uncover what our belief systems are so that we don’t act out of them and  co-create with the universe, we can live out of our true authentic self. When we are acting out of our wounding or old belief system, we are in our ego mind, which is not who we are. When we have done our healing and shifted our beliefs, we undercover who we are.

When we live in our higher self we are in alignment with our true self and we feel like we are in the flow of life instead of feeling blocked.

If you are looking for support around being more conscious, check out my retreats and mentoring. The individual intensive, the couples retreat, or the mother-daughter retreat, you will learn about yourself and how to clean up your past so you can move through this life with love and passion.

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