Getting centered during the Covid 19 Pandemic:
How can a Personalized Sedona Soul Retrieval Remote Retreat can help bring you back to center?

Hello Everyone, it has been a while since I have connected and I hope you and your family are safe and well. This time in history has brought up a lot of old Debra Beck, Retreat Guide and Mentorwounding and beliefs around aloneness and safety for many people. There is so much that is unknown in the world right now with the health of the planet and the political situation. People are steeping in fear.

How do we maintain our balance and stay grounded in this world of uncertainty? When we look at history, and I mean history from way back when, we have always been in crisis. This isn’t anything new; people killing other people, pandemics that kill, and a world separated by beliefs.

This like any other time is time to go inward and explore how we feel and recognize that the outside world is just scratching up against an old belief system and making us suffer. Maybe your belief is, I’m not safe in the world, or people aren’t safe, or the unknown is scary, or that feelings are safe. I have experiences all of these at one point or another during the last 9 months. It’s important if you are buying into any of these beliefs that you not project them outside of you. This means don’t blame the situation for how you feel, do your work around your beliefs, knowing they were inside of you all along.

This is the tricky part! How can we not blame Co-Vid for making us feel unsafe, it appears to be a scary virus? If we go deep within, we will notice that we have always felt unsafe in regards to many other situations; this is just another one. The idea is to heal the wounds from our childhood and by placing the blame on outside influences we lose the opportunity to do our work and shift our old, limiting beliefs.

If we stay stuck in the story of any blame and miss any chance to heal. In my Intensive remote retreats, we explore old patterns and wounding and connect the dots with our actions. We look at which part of our minds we are feeding and growing. Most people are feeding their lower egoic mind and aren’t using the higher mind muscle much at all. The more we use the ego mind the stronger it gets and the higher mind remains weaker. With this work you will start to utilize the tools to develop a higher part of your mind and shift old patterns that keep you stuck. Here is what a client said after a 3-day intensive remote retreat.

“My experience with working with Debra during my online three-day intensive was incredible. I came to Debra lost, confused, and broken and after three short days I feel like she has guided me through uncovering my old beliefs and habits which have been detrimental to me and my relationships- particularly my relationship with my daughter. I now have a clear plan and path for addressing my emotions so that I can truly move forward in life and my relationships as my best self. Wish I had gone through this process years ago. Life is an easy but I now have the tools needed to bring a positive energy back to my world. Thank you, Debra”

She was going to do a mother daughter retreat and we decided an individual intensive was the best place to start. Whether you do an intensive indidual or a mother daughter retreat, both will help you see how you may be acting out of this lower place in yourself  and damaging relationships that are important to you.

The remote retreats have been amazing and I’m excited to be offering them during such a time of need. I am offering a nice discount as well, knowing people could possibly be struggling financially.

I hope you are strengthening those relationships that are important to you by showing up in a loving way and know that if you are having difficulties doing so, I’m here.

If you are having difficulty leaning into love and you have more fear, you may want to consider a Intensive Online Retreat or Mentoring Course.


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