About Sedona

A place of self-discovery and healing

“The mountains are calling and I must go”
– John Muir

The World’s Eminent Spiritual Destination

Healing retreats, yoga training, sacred sites, and luxurious spa getaways – these are the buzz words for our time if you are a spiritual seeker. Sedona, a small but majestic red rock paradise is often first to be mentioned among the world’s eminent spiritual destinations. What exactly is Sedona’s lure? Sedona has earned a reputation in recent years as a Southwestern Shangri-la, both for its dream-like beauty and as the metaphysical mecca of America.

Sedona’s Powerful Vortex Energy

Sedona has 15-20 powerful energy vortexes. These giant magnets of earth energy are concentrated in specific locations, each with specific patterns, rhythms, and qualities.

Vortex energies can be calming, energizing, or sometimes even overwhelming. Most agree that Sedona magnifies whatever it is that one is feeling. Millions of people are drawn here each year to experience the reported healing energies that are said to originate from the power spots. Author James Redfield has said the entire inspiration for The Celestine Prophecy came to him while meditating in the Sedona vortexes.

Einstein said that everything in the Universe is made up of “energy.” In addition, every organism is in a state of flux, oscillating at a certain speed, known as its “vibration.”

On a planet as vast and diverse as Mother Earth, it is probable that certain locations possess highly unique vibratory rates. When enough spiritual phenomena occur at one locale, ancient people eventually recognized it as a “sacred” place. Sacred site experts note the presence of fault lines, volcanic activity, an abundance of subsurface water, and concentrations of mineral ores at so-called sacred places, as well as noting centuries of ceremonial activity – all of which describe Sedona.

Although identified in the late 1980’s as a place of healing and mysticism by Americans, indigenous tribes have long held Sedona in high esteem as a haven to rejuvenate the spirit, heal the body, and conduct religious ceremonies. “Palatkwapi” as the Hopi called it, translates to the “The shimmering place among the red rocks.” The American Indians have described “power spots” and centers of Creation in Sedona – a literal Garden of Eden where the Yavapai and Apache tribes say they originated. This could partially explain why Sedona’s mystical powers continually leave its visitors breathless, and changed forever – the Native American essence is often deeply felt. Starry-eyed guests to the enchanted land of the red rocks consistently report a myriad of meaningful experiences – spiritual visions, vivid dreams, past-life memories, and dramatic healing experiences. Some simply say, “I feel like I’ve come home.”

Is a Sedona Soul Retrieval Retreat right for you?

How Do I Benefit Spiritually from a Vortex?

It is truly a gift to experience such a journey
out on the magical land of Sedona

Your skilled guide will draw from a multitude of energetic modalities such as intensive breathwork, guided meditation, truth-speaking, emotional clearing, prayer work, and ceremonial singing to elicit emotion, release trapped pain, access inner wisdom, and deeply feel your connection to Mother Earth and your Higher Self.

The Sedona vortexes are known to activate the healing process. Many offer nurturing and embracing energy, for the healing work of the heart or for healing from a breakup. Others seek out empowering and highly energizing vibrations, ideal for setting intentions, gaining clarity and starting new ventures. No matter which vortexes you visit, it is likely that your spiritual journey will be deepened and you will connect to new and meaningful parts of yourself.

Embedded within the lava rock, sandstone, limestone and iron oxide of the Sedona red rocks is quartz crystal particles of sand cemented in the sandstone. This crystalline content of the rocks creates a conductive, amplifying power which sensitive and even not-so-sensitive humans can feel, bringing up stuck emotions, often interrupting sleep patterns, and magnifying your feelings and intentions. So be clear in your intention!

Retreats offered by Sedona Soul Retrieval can include a transformative, intuitively guided journey on Sedona’s sacred land. You will experience these powerful and deeply nurturing energies to facilitate your healing process.

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