The Power of a Mother Daughter RetreatMother Daughter Retreats are so powerful in bringing mothers and daughters into alignment with themselves and each other. I absolutely love being a witness to the transformations of the mother daughter retreats because the shifts are immediate and visible. When a mother and daughter come together in retreat for their own healing and the healing of their relationship the energy is pretty amazing.

You will both learn a whole new way of relating with yourself and with each other! It doesn’t matter. what age you are, you can always heal your relationship.



You will both learn how:

  • To know yourself more deeply
  • To communication effectively 
  • To stop blaming the outside world for your hurts
  • To shift your old belief system
  • To work with your upsets/triggers for a deeper healing
  • To live with more passion and happiness
  • To have the tools to maintain these shifts
  • To learn the importance of forgiveness

The tools you will get from this retreat will not only help you with your relationship with your mother or daughter, it will help you with all of your relationships, especially yourself. The relationship you have with your self is the most important relationship you will ever have. We spend more time with ourself than anyone. We know ourself better than we know anyone. This retreat helps you understand yourself deeply.

Is your mother daughter relationship in trouble?

Is your heart aching to reconnect?

Are you tired of being blamed for the problems?

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