Why would you use your mother daughter relationship to grow? Using Your Mother Daughter Relationship to Grow

The mother-daughter relationship is our biggest opportunity for waking up and growing. We have two relationships in our life for optimum growth possibilities; the first one is the mother-daughter relationship and the second one is with our primary partner. Both of these relationships offer the greatest chance for us to break old patterns and shift.

When I work with couples and mother daughters, the retreats are so profound. When two people understand the work and do it together the transformations are epic. When they recognize what their wounding is, and how they projected onto each other, it helps them shift more rapidly. When both parties are practicing the work together they are actually able to be clearer because the other person is holding them accountable. It is hard to bust ourselves when we are acting out of our old beliefs, so when we have a partner that is able to see our actions and help us see it with love, the possibility for change is way more probable.

Quite often when I work with individuals their partners see a significant change in them so they end up coming to me in a couples retreat because the husband wants to have them shifts himself. The mother-daughter retreats help both the mother and daughter relate to each other in a completely different way. Instead of relating through their wounded inner child they are connecting with each other through their higher more mature self.

I have seen many mother-daughters’ come to me with arms folded, not speaking to each other and leave holding each other and smiling. It truly is a beautiful process to be a part of.

We all have wounding and old beliefs. If we do not do the healing of these inner child wounds, we will act out of them. The biggest places they show up are in our most important relationships. Looking at your triggers and exploring your limiting beliefs with your important relationships or any situation is the greatest opportunity for growth.

If you are looking to grow through your relationships in your life, check out my retreats and mentoring. The individual intensive, the couples retreat, or the mother-daughter retreat, you will learn about yourself and how to clean up your past so you can move through this life with love and passion.

Is your mother daughter relationship in trouble?

Is your heart aching to reconnect?

Are you tired of being blamed for the problems?

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