Why are there so many people with depression and anxiety and what is causing it?

Why is There So Much Depression and Anxiety

In my practice more than ever, people are coming to me of all ages, with depression and anxiety.  Anxiety and depression are the two biggest issues that I work with my clients. Again it is hitting all ages, from the 13-year-olds to the 60-year-olds I am working with.

If it isn’t a clinical issue around depression, it could be a suppression of feelings. When we suppress how we are feeling about ourselves, about our circumstances and about the world around us, it tends to settle inside of us. It could be a sense of hopelessness about your current situation or the world affairs. There is a lot going on with our lives and the world to be having feelings about. If we are stuffing those feelings, they could come out as depression or anxiety. 

Depression is an umbrella for what’s really going on. Are you having sadness, are you hopeless or maybe you have high anxiety. It’s important to get to what’s underneath the depression or the anxiety. The work that I do gets to the core reasons you are feeling and why. It is so important for us to feel what we are feeling and have an understanding about our feelings so it doesn’t sink into depression. 

Depression and anxiety are great indicators that there is something inside of us that we need to look at so we can transform our thought patterns. If we are continuously looking outside of ourselves to feel better and not addressing our feelings, we could start feeling pretty depressed.

What makes this life palatable is that every life experience is an opportunity to shift my skewed thinking from my old beliefs. If I had to go outside of myself and change the situation, that would be very frustrating, leaving me feeling pretty hopeless, which would lead to depression.

In all of my retreats, the individual intensive, the couples retreat, or the mother-daughter retreat, you will learn about yourself and what triggers these feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, sadness or fear and start shifting them.

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