Adult Mother Daughter Retreats

Adult mother daughter relationships are not always easy. However it can be one of the most important relationships we have in our lives. Some of my biggest teachings have been through my relationships with my 2 adult daughters. I have learned more about my behaviors and myself through my experiences with both of my girls.

The relationship between mothers and daughters can trigger childhood wounding, allowing the opportunity to heal. If both mother and daughter do not learn how to show up for themselves and have a clear understanding of their reactions, they will project all of their feelings onto each other.

This Adult Mother Daughter Retreat is not a group setting; it is a one-on-one retreat, creating a safe and secure space for you to begin the process of connecting with each other in a more authentic and deeper way. The retreat can be for 1, 3 or 5 days depending on the current condition of your relationship. During your stay there will be one-on-one facilitating with me to learn the tools needed to have a healthy, safe relationship with each other.

The Adult Mother Daughter Retreat Is For You If:

  • You are having difficulties communicating and misunderstand each other.
  • You are feeling controlled by the other.
  • You would like to be closer and more connected.
  • You are blaming each other for the hurt in the relationship.
  • You are feeling angry, sad and hopeless about the current state of your relationship.
  • Arenโ€™t talking anymore because you donโ€™t feel heard or honored.

Participating in this private Adult Mother Daughter Retreat will shift your relationship into a more emotionally connected, loving mother daughter relationship.

Having this concentrated period of time together without outside demands will help you understand yourself better so that you are able to show up for each other in a more loving, connected way. Because you are investing 100% of your energy into the healing of yourself and your relationship, you will find the process moves very quickly. Old belief systems are challenged and shifted, and therefore the changes are profound and sustainable.

What Can You Expect From The Adult Mother Daughter Retreat?

The retreat is for just the two of you, personal and private. This is not a group environment. When dealing with personal relationship issues, I find it to be critical to have a safe, one-on-one experience to be able to move through issues without the judgments of others as a concern.

You can set up your retreat any days of the week that are convenient for you. During the 1-3-5 days of your Sedona Adult Mother Daughter, you will be amazed at how quickly you will regain your connection to yourself and each other and refresh your friendship with each other again.

You will learn to move through feelings of anger, fear and resentment, rebuild trust, stop blaming, become more honest with yourself and each other, as well as feel more empowered and develop a deeper friendship.

My focus will help you understand yourselves better so you can show up for yourselves and therefore have a healthier mother daughter relationship.

During your Adult Mother Daughter Retreat you will meet with me individually and together 4-5 hours a day. Other activities to help facilitate healing will be scheduled, such as massage, sacred time on the land, meditation ceremonies to clear and quiet the mind, sound healing, cranial sacral, or physic readings.

You will also have time to relax and go exploring in beautiful Sedona. With this new way of being, you will be able to create a more open and safe relationship with each other. You will be able to have the relationship you have always wanted with more respect, understanding and caring.

Extremely Personalized To Meet Your Needs

I will design your retreat after a phone consultation to find out where you both are in the relationship and what your intentions are. Because the transformation can keep occurring after you leave the retreat, I have an After Care Program in place to help facilitate deeper breakthroughs. I offer 4-30 minute follow-up consultations, either face-to-face or over the phone, to help you integrate into your relationship with a new way of being.

I do not offer a set price for the retreats because each retreat is individually created depending on your needs, how many days you decide are right for you, and what modalities will be incorporated. After a consultation we will together decide if Sedona Soul Retrieval is right for your relationship and design the perfect retreat.


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A share from a mother 1 year after her Mother Daughter Retreat

Hi Debra! Long time no talk to!! I just thought I would share this text that I got from Darrian recently. We are doing terrific and rarely have a disagreement or argument. We have such a good time being around each other and have really achieved the relationship I was craving! I feel like I have been waiting for her to say that my whole life lol!

Appreciate the help so much โ€” just wanted to give you a little update! ๐Ÿ˜


Mom, I just wanted to say that I’m really glad that our relationship got to the point that it is at and you’re like my best friend now and I love you so much and appreciate that I have a mom like you! Love you ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•