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The Difficulties of Being a Single Parent

Sedona RetreatsI believe support is the key to not losing your mind while you’re a single parent. If you don’t have an ex or grandparents that are supportive, find outside sources. Maybe there are single parenting groups or another single parent that would trade watching the kids and also be a support system to talk to.
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What‘s The Rush?

Sedona RetreatsThroughout our life we are taught that getting things done quickly is important. “Don’t waste time, time is money,” etc. So we find ourselves racing through our lives trying to get as much as possible done.
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Happiness is in How You Perceive Life

Sedona RetreatsThe way we view life has to do with what’s going on, on the inside not what’s happening on the outside. So there are many people that seem to have it all and can’t find happiness and there are others that seem to find peace no matter what their life holds for them.
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Tough Mother Daughter Relationships

Sedona RetreatsIt’s amazing to me how many calls I get regarding the mother-daughter relationship. It’s either a struggling mother with her teenage daughter or an adult daughter or mother wanting to get their relationship straight.
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Understanding the Power of the Heart and Mind

June 15-18, 2018 · Starting Friday at 7PM Pacific Time
This Transformational Women’s Retreat will give you the tools you need to not just live in this world but thrive in it with an empowered sense of self.

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