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Being with your Feelings

Sedona RetreatsHow tough is it to just sit with your feelings and feel the intensity of them? Most people medicate their feelings away so they don’t have to be with them.  They shop, eat, drink, do drugs, argue, complain, blame, they do anything not to feel.
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The Art of Surrender

Sedona RetreatsSurrendering is to cease resistance, yielding, and give in, and succumb. The biggest issue to just letting go and surrendering is our resistance. 
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Improving Your Mother Daughter Relationship

Sedona RetreatsMother daughter relationships are so important. If they aren’t nurtured while growing up, chances are they we be strained in adulthood. Creating a healthy relationship can be complex because of all of our old beliefs.
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Why is There So Much Depression and Anxiety?

Sedona RetreatsIn my practice more than ever, people are coming to me of all ages, with depression and anxiety.  Anxiety and depression are the two biggest issues that I work with my clients. Again it is hitting all ages, from the 13-year-olds to the 60-year-olds I am working with.
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Are We Crazy Making the Same Choices and Wanting Different Results?

Sedona RetreatsI believe this behavior is from a lack of consciousness that we continue to do the same thing over and over again, while getting upset with the results. It is very important to pay attention to our behaviors and the outcomes so we can adjust our thought process and behaviors in order to create a different outcome.
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What Do We Have To Learn From Our Children?

Sedona RetreatsWhen we have an awareness that we are also learning from our children as much as we are teaching and guiding them, we become very present to ourselves. When our children come into the world they come in without preconceived notions about things, situations and people.
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It is through my 30 years of personal development that I have learned how to nurture and truly love myself. I have come to understand that each situation that is presented to me in life is an opportunity to get closer to myself, and to love and know myself deeper.

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