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How Important is Speaking Your Truth?

Sedona RetreatsThe importance of speaking your truth can sometimes feel like a life or death situation. If we hold our truth in it feels like it might eat us alive. Keep in mind the truth I’m talking about is from the higher self not from the ego mind. When we stop the ego from acting out this is a good thing.
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Grieving Pets

Sedona RetreatsI find it interesting that some people don’t understand the grieving process around losing a pet. I have heard comments like; “it was just an animal or at least it wasn’t a loved one.” This always surprises me because I believe that our love for our animals sometimes can be bigger than our love for the humans in our life.
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Are Children Our Teachers?

Sedona RetreatsMost parents believe that they are here to teach and guide their children and because the children haven’t had a lot of life experiences, they have nothing to teach them. Part of this is true we do have a lot to teach our children and guide them through the turbulent years of growing up
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The Damages of Holding onto the Past!

Sedona RetreatsHolding onto the resentment and regret of the past is like carrying all of our baggage around on our backs. It’s exhausting and a huge drain on our energy leaving us empty for the present moment.
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Staying with Feelings

Sedona RetreatsWe live in a world that promotes escaping our feelings. If we are depressed, doctors give us pills so we don’t feel the deep sadness. When we have physical pain we also get pills to take away the physical pain.
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Understanding the Power of the Heart and Mind

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