When is a good time to retreat? A Time to Retreat

Retreats can be a great time to go inward, renew and gain a new perspective. It allows us to go deeper into ourselves so that we can emerge in a whole new way. It’s important for us to just stop and step away from the busyness of our world so that we can gain a new awareness of what’s going on.

Vacations don’t hold the same strength as retreats do because on vacations we are still in a mode of doing not being. During the retreat we have time to rest, reflect, heal and renew.

The retreats that I offer, whether it is an adult mother-daughter retreat, a couple’s retreat, or an intensive individual retreat, will allow you to reflect on your life and reawaken to your passion and purpose. My retreats help you connect with your inner self and heart, so you can start to live your life in a more authentic way.

Being on retreat allows you to pull away from family issues, the Internet, relationships and deadlines you may have so that you can go into a quiet place to reflect. Reflecting on our feelings and being able to release them will help us live our life in a more directed and creative way.

With all of my retreats you will have enough time to be with yourself and reflect while also having the guidance of moving through tough issues you’re having. I think going into a silent retreat is wonderful when we have a firm grasp on what old beliefs are running our lives. If you are still in a place where you have drama from your past a silent retreat will only bring temporary relief.

It’s important to remove our blocks so that we might be able to go into a place of silence with more peace. Going into a silent retreat without this would be like trying to take a nap while 10 kids are playing in your napping area. Probably not going to happen!

If you are looking at moving through some tough issues to get to a clear more peaceful place, check out my retreats. The individual intensive, the couples retreat, or the mother-daughter retreat, you will learn about yourself and how to clean up your past so you can move through this life with love and passion.

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