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Sedona Soul Retrieval

It makes me smile to know how peoples’ lives transform from The Sedona Soul Retrieval Method.

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“​Your life does not get better by chance
it gets better by change”
– Will Smith

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Testimonials for
Sedona Soul Retrieval

“When I was at a loss as to move forward in my relationship with my daughter, I found Debra. As a psychotherapist for over 23 years, we had done some traditional therapy without success. The retreat was wonderful, and we accomplish so much in three days. I feel we have a new way of communicating now, and I’m excited for our future together.”
~ Maria, Mother


“The mother daughter retreat is the best thing my mom and I have done for our relationship. Debra was great at helping us better understand each other, and find more effective ways to communicate. I highly recommend this retreat as it was a transformative experience”
~ Marissa, Daughter –  25


Mother Daughter Retreat Participants

Couples Retreats Participants, Rob and Mandy

“I thought this retreat was better than the hundreds of counseling sessions I have been to. I got more out of this in 2 days than anything I’ve ever tried. Debra was in tune spiritually with what my wife and I needed. From a man’s perspective I believe every couple even if they are not on the verge of divorce, should come to this retreat. Your marriage will thank you!!”

~ Rob, Husband

“This is my second retreat with Debra. My first was a mother-daughter retreat, the second with my husband. This retreat was so insightful and extremely helpful. I love how there is a lot of self-reflection and it helped us understand each other better and uncover our wounds from our childhood that have been affecting our lives and relationships. We are walking away with the tools to help our relationship Thrive! We were in crisis and on the edge of the divorce and now we are reconnected and recommitted and in love again! Thank you so much Debra!”

~ Mandy, Wife

Sedona Couples Retreats Participants, Rob and Mandy, with Debra

“My daughter and I spent three days with Debra and she is very knowledgeable and understanding. I found her true caring and concern for us and her desire to help us. We had been struggling in our relationship for many years and after three days here, I’m certain things will be better. We will have that relationship that we both desire. Thanks Debra for teaching us and helping us to heal.”
  – Cammie, Mother

“This was amazing and just what was needed to repair 30 years of dysfunction between me and my mom. The tools provided will change my life for the better, if I am aware and continue the work. Amazingly freed from the captivity of my ego. We could not get to a place of love on our own, but now we can. Love it!”
  – Shaunacy, Daughter

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants

“This retreat was definitely different than anything I’ve experienced before. The spiritual aspect of this retreat was really outstanding. It is hard to settle into the retreat because it throws a lot at you really fast, but I don’t have any regrets! I learned more in two days with Debra than I have with any therapist in weeks.”
~ Nicole, Daughter

“I wasn’t sure what to expect. I learned there is continued healing to be done inside myself – wounds that have been a barrier to a loving relationship with my daughter. I’m humbled by the opportunity to explore where I needed healing, so that I can restore the relationship with my daughter. This has been a deep journey inward and a cathartic experience. Thank you!”
~ Jane, Mother


Mother Daughter Retreat Participants

“After attending Debra’s retreat, I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my body and my heart has opened up. I have a much deeper understanding of myself and my daughter. I have learned the tools that will keep me navigating our relationship as well as help me to understand and truly feel my own feelings. She gets to the root of the issues quickly and effectively. I feel like a whole new person and I know my relationship with my daughter will improve because of the time and effort we will have put into this retreat most of all, I am excited to heal my own wounds and really listen to the little girl inside me.”
  – Wendy, Mother

“Working with Debra is the most rewarding experience. The intimate work allowed me to learn the tools and skills to be the person I truly want to be. I am ready and equipped to take on any challenges I face, whether it be with my mother or not. This is truly life-changing and I feel so rewarded and fulfilled through this experience”
  – Lindsey, Daughter

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants

“Finding the words to describe this experience is not easy. Debra delivered a unique and precious gift to both my daughter and I. We are leaving this retreat further down the path. This place is full of love and light.”
~ Darcy, Mother

“Debra and her Retreat team are nothing short of miraculous. I came into the retreat with a little knowledge or expectations and am leaving on a higher level of personal growth. Everything about the weekend was intensely impactful and my mom and I will definitely grow our relationship even stronger as we move through life. I would love to bring my husband back for a couples retreat.”
~ Stephanie, Daughter

Mother Daughter Retreat Participants

“Coming to Debra was unlike anything else I have experienced. It’s very raw and very real. I hesitated to come mostly because I gave my relationship and ultimatum and as the days got closer, it wasn’t any easier. Thankfully, we made it! I did get tools that will help me individually and as a partner and my hope is to apply them as much as I can, enough to make it a routine. I welcome whatever life has in store for me and I leave more humble, aware and with tools to support me in my journey!
Hey thank you, Debra!”
     – Gris, Mother

“My breakthrough was realizing there was more than bones and skin – we are spirits. I thank Debra for teaching this kind of practice. I feel people would see people differently if they knew this. This life would be a better place by seeing everything through compassion.”
    – Herendira, Daughter

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants

“Debra is wise and compassionate, and her method is clear to use. I enjoyed how we practiced several times. I feel confident in applying this technique. I appreciate her understanding, approachability and how she help me connect to myself and see with much more clarity.”

Individual Retreat Participant
~ Diana

“I must have been guided by a higher place/ spiritual guidance/Ancestors, to Debra’s website. Debra was super flexible to our needs. We had to postpone a couple of times, however it must have been or we arrived when we were supposed to arrive.

Debra’s scheduling the other events in between the classes with the people she chose was perfect for healing needs. The whole program team together wonderfully.
–Sunny, Mother

“As the days approached, I was terrified this trip was going to make our relationship worse. The experience was a lot things and emotions, but every day I felt physical relief. The work is worth it for you and all of your relationships.”

–Harmony, Daughter

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants

“I learned so much about myself and why I do the things I do. Sedona Soul Retrieval has changed my life for the better. Thank you so much for everything Debra!”

Individual Retreat Participant
~ Pam

“I was in dire need of some changes in my life and in my perspective, and Debra’s 3-day in-person retreat was the perfect way to invest in myself. While with Debra, I uncovered more about myself than I ever had.  She helped me to recognize and understand how to live life and make decisions from a place of strength versus fear or doubt. Following our time together, I am able to better see how any life event, whether big or small, can best be viewed as an opportunity for growth. Debra is an extremely caring, personable, and knowledgeable woman who communicates in an easily understandable and relatable way.  There has always been a stigma, especially as a male, (hopefully this is decreasing!) around seeking improved mental health and well-being, however, I would strongly recommend Debra’s retreat and mentoring as something from which absolutely anyone can benefit. Thank you, Debra!”

3-Day Individual Retreat Participant
~ Brian

Our retreat with Debra was one of the most memorable, impactful times in our lives. The time I spent with my teenage daughters was so special and unique. I learned so much about myself and tools that I can use in my life to help me become the best version of myself. I feel like it was a gift I gave to myself and to my daughters. I am also so grateful that my daughters have recognized and learned about themselves in a profound, deep way. I feel like my daughter’s relationship was so strengthened as well as the three of ours as well!”
–Leslie, Mother

This retreat really helped me find my higher mind. I was at first closed off about it but it really helps you focus on yourself and become the best person you can be for yourself. Also Debra is an amazing person who really helps in such a short period of time. This is truly a life-changing experience that I would 100% recommend. This is all coming from a 17-year-old girl.
–Samantha, Daughter

Overall, this retreat was a great experience. It helped me get to know myself and my family members better and helped me come up with solutions to fix problems in the future. I definitely recommend doing this and I had a great time!
–Cameron, Daughter

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants
~ Leslie, Cameron & Natasha

“Working with Debra was the greatest gift of self care and growth I could possibly invest in. She’s someone who truly cares, is extremely knowledgeable, and offers a safe, loving space for massive transformation. I can’t wait for the next retreat with her.”

Individual Retreat Participant
~ Mariel

When I say words can literally not express the changes I have seen in my life since working with Debra I truly mean it. I started seeing Debra after my mom referred her to me. I was in a place where I know I needed major change in my life however I didn’t know how to get there. I was attracted to working with Debra because I started seeing major shifts in my mom. I feel like I have made some shifts in my life I didn’t even feel attainable before working with Debra. Through working with Debra through her mentorship program and the retreat, my mom and I have been able to deepen our relationship further than I ever thought possible.
– Hannah, Daughter

I started working with Debra individually as I was in tremendous pain in my daughter’s and my relationship. We had minimal communication and contact.  I could never find a better mentor to help me process the pain I was going through; peel the onion to get to my higher self and recognize my triggers and limiting beliefs. Debra is absolutely amazing and dedicated to her work. She’s done tremendous work on herself and continues so she can do the beautiful work she does with others. After a few years my daughter started individual sessions with her and then together we did a mother/daughter retreat. We went full-circle of having a distant non-communicative relationship to having the best relationship we can ever have. I know now how best to support my daughter. Debra is absolutely the best in bringing the sacredness of mother/daughter relationships to light.  I referred many to Debra who had troubled mother/daughter relationships and they are getting results as they do the work. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Debra for the profound work she does, because of her my daughter and I are closer than ever.
– Maureen Rees, Mother.

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants
~ Maureen & Hannah

“My daughter and I attended Sedona Soul Retrieval with Debra Beck over the last weekend of July, 2021. Neither of us were certain how the retreat would progress, so, we committed to “go with the flow.” Let me tell you, the flow was absolutely beautiful.

I was the initiator for the retreat and my hope was that my daughter and I would learn much about our individual selves and our mother/daughter relationship. Mission accomplished & then some!

Debra was an absolute joy to work with right from the initial phone contact. With very little complication, the arrangements were made via email and texts. Debra proved herself to be a genuinely compassionate and experienced teacher- we truly loved our time with her, and learned a great deal about one another.

If someone is contemplating this retreat with some trepidation, as I did, I can say that we both felt safe, physically and emotionally, from the first moment until the final one. The teachers secured by Debra for the two modalities we participated in were also an amazing individuals with extensive experience – we felt completely safe with them, also.

I returned home from the retreat two days ago and I am feeling immense gratitude for the time we spent with Debra and the teachers we were blessed to learn from. Our time in beautiful Sedona will stay in my heart forever – and my daughter and I are committed to using the tools provided for the remainder of our time together.

–Theresa V, Mother Wausau, WI

“This retreat was a once in a lifetime experience for my mom and I. Debra helped us understand and appreciate each other in way we never had before, and she gave us tools to use after leaving to strengthen our relationship to each other, ourselves, and others. It was remarkable and beautiful. ”
–Natasha V, Daughter

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants
~ Theresa & Natasha

“Debra is real! She has the knowledge, understanding and wisdom that allows you to have the Aha Moments. This will change your life forever.  “Glad I was here.”
– John Foley, Husband

“Debra  is the most professional and yet caring mentor or therapist I’ve ever worked with. She’s highly skilled at holding loving space for you while at the same time calling you out on your stuff! Her clear understanding of how we beat up ourselves and the people around us and the skills to stop are invaluable. She’s a one in a billion mentor and I can’t recommend her enough!”
– Carol Rees, Wife.

Couples Retreat Participants
~ John & Carol

“Debra’s approach really aligned with what my daughter and I needed to deal with in our relationship. It was simple to understand but needs the support of practice and tools, which Debra provided. This makes the retreat very effective in something we can take back to our normal lives and continue to grow in our relationship.”
–Monica, Mom

“Debra and her team make every aspect of this retreat celebrity and healing. I loved the progression of activities and guidance sessions!”
–Elise, Daughter

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants
~ Monice & Elise

Prior to the retreat we both knew that we wanted to have a more adult and healthy relationship and were committed to that. However, we just continued in our old ways of communicating and interacting with each other and we were unable to make any progress. We continue to blame each other and make each other irritable. Addressing our deep  rooted beliefs and our “own”  things helped us be able to communicate to each other in a way that was healthy and really progress our relationship in a great direction! Cannot recommend this enough for those who want a better relationship and just can’t make  progress alone!”

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants
~ Sarah, Daughter & Donna, Mother

The major strengths of this retreat were the materials and the connecting of it through Debra’s walking verbally and emotionally through it.  The most helpful aspect was connecting my adult self to my child self. I would recommend this retreat to mother and daughters, husband and wives and actually all relationships so they can see what they truly bring to the table.

-Linette, Mother

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants
Linette & Janelle

Debra is so kind and welcoming. You can tell she genuinely wants you to have the best relationship with your mother and yourself that you possibly can. I’ve had a lot of therapy in my life, but no one has explained to me why I behave and react the way I do with such clarity. It’s not just the realizations, but the tools to move past traumas that are what makes this Mother Daughter Retreat so amazing.

-Janelle, Daughter

“Sedona soul retrieval helped the relationship with my husband and I greatly. We been together for over 30+ years. We were going through some hard times. Deborah listened to both of us and helped each of us separately and together. We are closer and stronger than we’ve ever been! We learn how to deal with our triggers – when something upsets us and we go down the “rabbit hole”  of darkness. Not just with each other but life in general.

 I understand that my internal voice doesn’t have to rule me. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone that wants a closer relationship with themselves and with others.”

~ Laura

Couples Retreat Participants
Craig and Laura

“The 2 day retreat that my wife and I experienced with Debra was exactly what I needed to get “unstuck” in my head and in my heart to be able to forgive and reconnect in a way that each of our individual therapists and our couples therapist had not been able to do.  She tapped into the mindfulness learnings we are utilizing to help us with ourselves and each other and brought into light a fresh perspective.  As I reflect, I think the key difference is that she also provided us tools to use and practice that help us process through the emotional conflicts that arise.  The intake asked us what we wanted to accomplish, and she delivered exactly the learning and tools to accomplish them.”
“Thank you again.  You really helped me (and I think Laura…but Ill speak for myself) to get unstuck.  You’ve helped give our relationship a fresh start. ”

~ Craig

“I thought we were hopeless and beyond repair but Debra was able to expertly guide us both back to ourself and eventually toward one another. While the two year estrangement from my mother provided me the space to grow and heal trauma, I came to realize that not having a relationship with her meant the hurt festered and something significant was missing from my life. My mother and I now have a path forward that respects our individual needs and outlines healthy boundaries for future interactions. Debra’s unique, intensive multi modality based approach worked wonders on a relationship that had only one chance of flourishing and Sedona Soul Retrieval provided that.”

~ Helena Grant, Daughter, Mother, Entrepreneur

Mother Daughter Retreat Participants
Phebe & Helena

“Sedona is a beautiful place filled with cultured -looking red rock hills and formations. It also has a history of many centuries of native peoples, who have come here for celebration and healing. So we ventured forth, a mother and daughter who hadn’t spoken in 23 months, to seek her own healing. Let me be landed on Debra’s doorstep. She is a skilled facilitator addressing, quickly, our hangups and destructive responses and directing us to admit faults and seek a relationship of forgiveness, love, peace. It only took three days to heal enough to leave loving each other and dedicated to continuing work on further healing.”

~ Thank you, Phebe, Motherr

Our 5 days here was very overwhelming and insightful. I feel that as a couple we will be stronger than ever. We came here broken and we’re leaving with many stitches I believe will heal us. I believe in your program and I look forward to our mentoring sessions and continued growth as individuals and as a couple. Thank you””My wife and I were having major communication issues leading to stress and fighting. Through this retreat we learned the tools needed to understand each other on a more intimate level and rediscover our love and passion for each other and our marriage.”

Couples Retreat Participants
~ Amy & Noah

“I walked into this retreat feeling overwhelmingly sad, broken and alone. I am walking out empowered awake and at peace. To say that this retreat was life changing would be a huge understatement. This work is incredible and creates huge shifts. I’ve done self-improvement work for over a decade, but nothing ever really changed for me. This work with Debra made it clear why nothing had ever worked before. She is an incredibly warm, sincere and loving person who creates a beautifully safe place to work in. I don’t want to leave! All I can say is you deserve this retreat. Love yourself enough to give yourself this gift. I will be forever grateful that I get it.”

Individual Retreat Participant
~ Melissa Sanford

“In this world of noise and fast paced activity, it’s not often you get to dial it back, soothe and calm to work on your own growth. Debra’s style, both intense and loving encompasses learning and expansion of skills, heart and mind.  I made many important connections (connect the dots)  to be able to face challenges and overcome chaos and confusion. I’m coming away from my retreat feeling grounded, self-assured and even having an abundance of energy to face obstacles I have been avoiding. I will practice my tools and skills from a better place of understanding. I appreciate Debra’s mentorship, knowledge encourage in this work.”

Individual Retreat Participant
~ Beckie

“Debra Beck’s, Sedona Soul Retrieval Retreat is something everyone at any age can truly benefit from. In the beginning I have no idea what to expect, which is why going into something like this with an open heart and open mind is key. Once you fully put yourself in Debra’s hands, she will help you unlock pathways, that were once lost or forgotten, leading you toward a plan of action that will help fortify the relationship with your inner child and higher self. Thank you so much Debra.”

Individual Retreat Participant
~ Graylen Eastwood

“My husband and I had been having issues for years. We both saw things in our marriage differently. We were both tired of the other one not being present to each other in the way we wanted. So we researched for a couples retreat. Debra Beck appeared and we decided to try her services as she said she could help us get to the root of our problems and give us tools to use. She sure did deliver. She listened to both of us and found a way for us both to be heard. We had been so irritated at each other that we were both making surface noises and not actually hearing each other. Debra made us learn a lot about ourselves and each other. Our marriage is now completely different and we are excited about what the future holds.”

Remote Couples Retreat Participants
~ Eric & Alexie

“Debra, I’m so grateful that the universe let our paths cross. I found you at the perfect time!
Thank you so much for helping me gain insights into my inner child and how much damage she was causing. I look forward to practicing the tools you taught to help keep her in check and let me live in my higher self. And thank you also for teaching me how to forgive. You are a gifted guide and blessed are those of us who get to learn from you. Thank you also to Mark another generous soul who took me out on the land to feel the healing energy of the beautiful area. 
Thank you again for these invaluable gifts.”

2 Months After Retreat Update

Debra, I wanted to update you on my continuing soul journey. I am two months out from my spiritual retreat, and I continue to practice what you taught. I continue to be amazed at how often my little girl makes an appearance! She is sneaky. I am working on incorporating the various tools that you taught me to manage her and live out of my higher self. I don’t always catch her and she sometimes runs wild, but I don’t beat myself up for that anymore. Instead, I try to learn from it, recognize the triggers, and embrace the next opportunity to practice what I have learned.

Since my retreat, friends and colleagues have noticed the change in my demeanor and approach to things — much more calm, peaceful and balanced. And I definitely notice the increase in positive energy in myself and those around me as a result. Thank you again for all you have given to me. I continue to be so grateful that the universe brought you to me to help me learn to shift my old beliefs and live with more gratitude and compassion.

Be well.
With love and compassion.

Individual Retreat Participant
~ Yvette


“Thank you Debra for sharing your knowledge with us, and allowing us to learn the tools to make our everyday life easier to understand. Thank you for showing us about self-love and for teaching us how this is an opportunity for self growth.”
-Lorraine (wife)

“I never knew how important it was to get to know yourself, in order to have a good relationship with your partner, and how we react based on our past experiences. Debra, guided me on this journey very professionally, with all her knowledge she helped me understand my reactions to certain situations.”
-Ivan (husband)

Couples Retreat Participants
~ Lorraine & Ivan

“As soon as we began I knew this was the direction I was wanting to go I felt Debra was spot on with where the feelings are coming from and truly gifted me with the tools to care for those feelings. She did such a great job at turning an ugly/hurt filled situation into a meaningful, purposeful, beautiful experience. I love the way I see and feel about myself, my mom and our relationship… Not only with each other, but with every body else in life. I can’t thank you enough, Debra. You are such a gift! I feel blessed to share in this experience.
-With love, Jennifer (Daughter) 

Debra, thank you so much for helping me to connect with my daughter and myself. I’m very glad that I chose you in this reconnecting process!”
-Sincerely, Julia (Mom)

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants
~ Jennifer & Julia

“I feel so much more positive in my daily life, my heart feels lighter, more open and I am much calmer. Not so quick to always want to be in control. I’m MUCH more aware and mindful of my triggers, which old childhood beliefs that they spring from and releasing, releasing, releasing. I can honestly say that I like myself now and am working on loving myself. Most times I now catch myself when a negative thought arises about my body or whatever and I immediately change it to a positive one and reaffirm that I love myself – love that little girl in the picture that was taped to the chair. So I want to thank you for your deep compassion, your holding space for me and listening while I opened my heart to you about things I’ve never mentioned nor said aloud before to anyone else. You instilled a level of trust in me that I’d never experienced with anyone before. I came to you, knowing that there was a little deeply wounded girl inside but I was never able to gain access to her. Thanks to you, your tools, your expertise and patience, I was finally able to find her and release so much trauma from early childhood. I know that this is an ongoing process (and I’m in no rush) which will continue to unfold as layer after layer is recognized, acknowledged and released. Thank you for providing me with the tools and for helping me to now move forward with much more positivity on my spiritual journey without all the encumbering sorrow and anger. You are wizard in the best possible sense of the word. Blessings to you for the service you bring to a world in need. I wish everyone on this planet could have the opportunity to benefit from your love and guidance.”

Individual Retreat Participant
~ Gail

“I didn’t quite know what to expect from the retreat, but I was hopeful after having a few sessions with Debra before hand. And she did not disappoint! She has a direct style that does not let you off the hook or let you sweep things under the rug. It was an excellent learning experience that I will take with me not just into my relationship with my mom, but into all aspects of my life!”

Thank you!

“I feel this retreat has been very helpful in figuring out how to resolve family relationship problems in a healthy, open way. The individual discussions with each of us and each other were very important to see the problem clearly and how they can be resolved so a healthy, happy relationship can take the place of stressful problems. It is so helpful to have a clear understanding of where others are coming from so we can see how we have contributed to the problem and how we can dissolve them peacefully in order to enjoy a loving, caring relationship. This retreat has been very good for me and my daughter and I believe it will help us to have a loving, caring love between us. I would highly recommend the Sedona Soul Retrieval retreat to anyone who wants to get to the root of the problem they are having and starting new and better and happy relationship.”
Very sincerely,

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants
~ JGC & Estelle

“Through the thickest fog that life can bring comes Debra Beck: a radiant voice of reason during times of trouble or uncertainty. I, and several of my family and friends, have worked with Debra, regularly, for more than a year. Whether she helps me through an emotional “911″, or helps me slowly untangle some of my scars from childhood, she is always there with a calming, empowering presence. Debra Beck is a beacon of light and love who will enable you and your loved ones to know and love yourselves more then you ever imagined possible. I am a better woman, mother and friend because of Debra’s influence on my life.”

Mentoring Client
~ Dina Fisher

“Debra is very comforting and so kind. She makes you feel very safe and free to talk. She has helped my daughter and I to understand each other better and develop a better relationship.”
–Jennifer, Mom“

This retreat gave me and my mom the reconnection we needed. We have been growing apart for a while now, but after the retreat, I feel more closer and connected with her, so thank you.” –
Hannah, Daughter

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants
~ Jennifer & Hannah

“A whole spiritual part of me I didn’t know how to explore. The universe works in mysterious ways, and now I know, always for your greater good. I learned so much about myself, by limiting belief system, and what makes me special and powerful. All things there would have been no way to get to had I been with her group. Any internally grateful to Debra for teaching me how to deal with my ego, so I can connect more with my higher self.”

Mentoring Client
~ Kim

“Debra is very compassionate and understanding she guide you through the sessions. She is attentive and flexible to her client’s needs. Her retreat is a life altering experience and you leave it the deeper emotional connection in your mother-daughter relationship.”
-Kristen, Mom

“Debra is a good mentor and truly understand how relationships function. She is able to identify old beliefs, but maintain neutral feelings and gives lots of tools to carry back into the real world.”
-Emily, Daughter

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants
~ Kristen & Emily

“The Sedona Soul Retrieval retreat was truly an awakening experience. I’ve been doing phone call mentoring sessions for several years now, but being here in person and implying new and old techniques was a whole other experience. I finally feel ready to take the steps that will allow me to grow and be my most conscious self.”

Individual Retreat Participant
~ Morgan Eastwood

“During our 28 year marriage I had experienced times of prideful resentment as well as broken and humble desperation. Whether attending retreats, seminars, counseling, therapy, or books ad infinitum, the result was the same – two broken people reacting to each others broken reactions. Blame upon blame. Wound upon wound. Debra invited us to travel a pathway free of blame, guilt, fear, envy, and strife. On it we began to see that the reason God brought the two of us together was to bring healing to the wounds that we received long before we ever met. We achieved in one weekend a practical step-by-step method of communicating our hurts, fears, and irritations to one another. These were received, not with the usual requisite defensiveness and blame, but with surprising compassion and safety. Debra is a skilled listener. She consolidated a list of our core belief patterns and taught us a practical framework for communication. The resulting paradigm shift has caused us to see each other, no longer as the bad guy, but as partners on our path to healing.”

~Randy, Husband

“The soul retrieval was the only time Randy and I both felt heard, loved, and committed to. And we had been to counseling five times in our marriage, (different times with different therapists.)

This work is deep and is exactly what Randy and I needed to start from scratch. Realizing how our inner child and the ego and our higher self worked together in each other’s lives was freeing, opening, and healing.

I recommend Debra and this retreat highly to anyone who is fed up with
~ Isabelle, Wife

Couples Retreat Participants
~ Randy & Isabelle

“There is no doubt that my daughter and I love each other, but it became difficult to communicate and we took everything so personal that it got in the way of showing each other that love. Debra was able to show me a new way of looking at my hurt and open up my heart to see that it wasn’t about anyone else, but it was my own wounds that had an impact on all my relationships. This retreat was an absolute awakening for me and has allowed me to view things from a different perspective for my own self growth. Now I can contribute to a healthy relationship with not only my daughter but everyone in my life I’m so thankful that Debra has given me insight to see things differently and that she is open my mind and heart to a more beautiful, loving relationship with my daughter. ”
~ Diane, Mother

Mother Daughter Retreat Participants
Diane and Darrian

“When my mom signed us up for this retreat, I initially was only doing it for her benefit. I knew we had difficulty getting along, but I thought she was the one who needed to change in order to better our relationship. In just three days, I realized that was the furthest thing from correct. Debra really opened up my eyes to how we all contribute to every unhealthy relationship we have, and I started to see things differently with not only my mom but my whole outlook on life. There were times when I was skeptical of trying her method, but Debra was always calm and let me work at my own pace. The whole weekend was life-changing and I recommend it for anyone who is interested in bettering their life in any aspect. Debra is an amazing person and very accommodating to every situation. Whether you are in a difficult spot or just want to learn more about yourself, I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t extremely benefit from this retreat.”
~ Darrian, Daughter

Prior to arriving and meeting Debra for marriage retreat, I was unsure what to expect. But after just a few days, she was able to walk us through and practice easy to understand processes that allow my wife and I to open up and share our feelings in a nonjudgmental, safe environment. The tools and best practices we left with have already shown improvement towards how we approach and resolve our differences. I would recommend this retreat to anyone in need of a major marriage overhaul, or simple relationship fine-tuning.

-Michael Hidrogo, Husband

I came across the Sedona Soul Retrieval back in 2017 when I was in a place of desperation to mend the relationship that I had with my daughter. We did a 3-day retreat and this was nothing short of life changing for me and for our relationship. Debra opened up our eyes to the fact that any time we are triggered – it’s not about the other person, but about ourselves. She taught us about our Ego and how it just constantly tries to be in charge, but that it didn’t have to be that way. I left that retreat knowing that I had to do some major work on myself, but I was committed! My relationship with my daughter changed drastically for the better and I have even heard those words that every mother wants to hear – “You are my best friend”. I wrote Debra the day my daughter said this because I was just so overjoyed that we were in a different place in our relationship. This work saved my relationship with my daughter.

When I initially returned home from the mother/daughter retreat I was so excited to tell my husband all about the things that I learned. Though I was applying these methods to my own life as an individual, I knew that our relationship could prosper if he could also learn how to do this work along side of me. I finally decided to sign us up for a 2-day Couples Retreat that we just attended this past weekend. I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to spend time with Debra to do this work as a couple. This provided my husband with the tools to not only to understand me better, but to also recognize his own triggers and look within to make improvements for himself. I was able to dig even deeper so I can continue my personal growth.

No relationship is perfect and just like every other couple, we have had our share of issues. I believe that all of my relationships deserve care and feeding to make them stronger. I’m so glad my husband and I were able to do this retreat so we can do this work to strength our marriage together. Whether it’s with a partner, a child or if you just want to focus on personal growth – I highly recommend a retreat with Debra. I often speak about how Debra’s workshop made such a difference in my life – and how it had such an impact to my relationship with my daughter. I always start crying when I talk about it because was such a powerful shift in my life. I’m not the same person today as I was 3 years ago. I have learned better control my responses to triggers, I don’t let things bother me the way they used to, I have been able to let go of control in many areas that were difficult before. Though the work is never done and it’s something that I have to practice every day, I’m thankful to be able to work with Debra again! The couples retreat was perfect to help me gain a better understanding as to how I can also apply the work to strengthen my marriage.

-Diane Hidrogo, Wife

Couples Retreat Participants
~ Michael & Diane

“Sedona Soul Retrieval Retreat did not disappoint. I came into it not really sure what to expect, but it was truly an amazing experience. I’m able to have a deeper understanding of myself now, and really put everything I learned into action. I’m coming out of this retreat feeling lighter, confident, and ready to face obstacles the universe wants to throw at me.

Thank you so much Debra, I can’t wait to continue working with you!”

Individual Retreat Participant
~ Lauren

“Debra helped me and my daughter heal our triggers, helped us become more aware of our inner child wounds and helped us reconnect. This retreat is life changing and Debra is amazing, knowledgeable and deeply compassionate which made the healing process much easier. I am grateful for Debra’s work and her desire to help others heal. I highly recommend this retreat for healing any relationship that needs healing and reconnection.”

Mother Daughter Retreat Participants
~Kelly & Anastasia

“We attended the Sedona Soul Retrieval couples retreat in August 2020 ( virtually, due to Co-Vid) although we would have loved to enjoy Sedona, we found the retreat to be extremely impactful. Convenient to attend in our own home and an experience that will serve to strengthen the very core of our relationship.

Debra’s skills and experience lent to provide us the tools we can use daily to foster a deeper, more meaningful and fulfilling relationship that allows us to be more vulnerable and compassionate with each other and to remain committed to a lifetime of personal growth and to the greater good of each other. We also came away with materials that we will likely make frequent use of when ever conflict arises and/or to heal and grow.”

Remote Couples Retreat Participants

“I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me and my daughter. Having a “young adult” child move to the other side of the country while trying to resolve issues is needless to say challenging.

When I was looking for an adult mother-daughter retreat online, I came across your website. Our expectations were exceeded. I loved that your retreat was so personal. The “one on one” sessions truly helped me see that my daughter was an adult and on her own journey. We both felt so comfortable talking to you. You were non-judgemental and so intuitive. You gave us both tools to use in life, not only with each other but with anyone we have a relationship with. Especially our own “little girls. The beautiful setting of Sedona and the activities you planned for us were the icing on the cake. We resolved so many issues and re-bonded emotionally and spiritually. I can truthfully say that we are closer now than ever. We have a new found respect for each other. My daughter and I needed this so badly. I have tears in my eyes again while writing to you. (and I am not a cryer) We love you and thank you for everything.
With gratitude,”
-Jill, Mother

“Deb was an absolute light. You could tell how far my mother and I had come in 48 hours of healing just by our faces when we walked into the room on day three. I guarantee we’ll both be bringing our newfound practices and mindsets home with us and I’m definitely on my way to a beautiful journey with my mother and myself.”
-Jax, Daughter

Mother Daughter Retreat Participants
~ Jill & Jax

3-Day Retreat with Grandmother, Mother and 2 Daughters

“I decided that I wanted to try a retreat for my mom, my two daughters and me. We learned valuable lessons that we will apply in our everyday lives to continue to strengthen our family unit. I truly feel that this retreat has given us a great foundation to use to grow.” –Mom

“Exceptional program, bonded with daughter and granddaughters as never before. Learned more about them, me and us. Can’t thank Debra enough for the awesome experience. Will definitely return.” –Grandma

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants
~ Mother and Grandmother

“I signed up for this retreat with some healthy skepticism laced with the tremendous amount of hope. I feared that the relationship with my daughter was he repairably damage so this was my last hope. On the second day of this three day journey we had a breakthrough. It was tough and it was painful but with Debra’s professional and loving guidance, my daughter and I clearly understood the meaning of our child, our ego, and our higher self and how our egos were getting in the way of our love for one another. It was as if a light bulb had turned on and we knew exactly what we needed to do. My daughter apologized to me and told me she loved me. She had not said these words to me in several years. She in turn, realize that she is and always has been loved, without this retreat I would not have known that she felt unloved. This was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone who is experiencing problems with their mother daughter relationship including, but not limited to an estrangement. Thank you Debra”

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participant
~ Sandy (Mother)

“My experience with working with Debra during my online three day intensive was incredible. I came to Debra lost, confused, and broken and after three short days I feel like she has guided me through uncovering my old beliefs and habits which have been detrimental to me and my relationships- particularly my relationship with my daughter. I now have a clear plan and path for addressing my emotions so that I can truly move forward in life and my relationships as my best self. Wish I had gone through this process years ago. Life is an easy but I now have the tools needed to bring a positive energy back to my world.

Thank you Debra”

Individual Retreat Participant
~ Julie

“My daughter and I were having some ongoing issues so we scheduled a three day intensive retreat with Debra. Her mentoring skills and insights provided healing, strength and a way forward to my higher self.

This experience was a truly transforming event and I left feeling very clear, happier and lighter than I have felt in a long time. Going forward I now have the tools to grow my relationship with my daughter and others.”
~ Susan Todd, Mother

“Debra was calm and caring through the vigorous dynamics of the meetings and created an environment and aura where we felt comfortable discussing some difficult issues.”
~ Dani, Daughter

Mother and Daughter Retreat Participants
~ Susan and Dani

“I almost chose a different couples retreat in Sedona Arizona which would’ve had my husband and I driving all over town for our healing sessions with different healers. Debra’s couples retreat was perfect in every way.

I felt an immediate connection to Debra and felt she always knew what we needed. Her technique gave me a better understanding of my ego/inner child. She gave us the tools to own our own actions/emotions and the ability to take the responsibility off the other person. I saw my husband in a different light and learned more about him as he began to open up to me.”
~ Virginia

“I came to this retreat seeking guidance, wanting to reconnect with my wife and I found exactly what I was looking for with Debra’s guidance, not only was I able to reconnect with my wife, Debra also helped me realize that there were other things affecting my life.

I would not change anything about this experience. It was the right amount of time, the setting was perfect, and Debra was knowledgeable and able to recognize where I needed the most assistance. The one-on-one sessions were extremely helpful and staying on-site was convenient. I now have a much better understanding of life myself, the woman I love, my children, work and family. Thank you Debra”
~ Robert

Couples Retreat Participants
~ Robert and Virginia

“Our couples retreat with Debra was amazing. We can confidently say she probably saved our marriage. The two retreat went way too fast! The tools and techniques that we were taught will continue to help us heal ourselves and our relationship. Thank you Debra for sharing your wisdom with us.”

~ J & K

“I found out about Debra when looking up mother daughter counseling retreats. My adult step daughter was not up for a counseling retreat at the time so Debra mentioned she mentors individuals as well. As a person in the field (School Psychologist) I recognized how working on myself can be impactful without the expectation of someone else having to change. Debra was true to that statement in helping me see my old beliefs (many of which I rolled my eyes at or didn’t want to admit were still with me, at least not the concept of the unsafe little girl). Needless to say, Debra was patient and persistent in my doing my part during the week (homework). We met virtually which was convenient, especially since I live in Florida and during the COVID world. Debra remained focused and persistent in me following up and working through/identifying the process from recognizing my triggers to forgiving myself and others. We worked for 3 months and each month was more eye opening and more heart calming in my preparing for and seeing triggers, knowing where they stemmed from, and cutting off the reactions. Our time has been up for a few weeks now and as Debra said- this is a life long reminder and habit builder to be aware of triggers and to lead with love. I’m a fighter and don’t mind confrontation, so I definitely need to keep my focus on. I know it’s ok to falter, as long as I remember my way back. Debra, it is great knowing you are out there working with individuals and groups and providing such insight and love. Thank you.”

~ Mistie

A share from a mother 1 year after her Mother Daughter Retreat

Hi Debra! Long time no talk to!! I just thought I would share this text that I got from Darrian recently. We are doing terrific and rarely have a disagreement or argument. We have such a good time being around each other and have really achieved the relationship I was craving! I feel like I have been waiting for her to say that my whole life lol!

Appreciate the help so much — just wanted to give you a little update! 😁

Mom, I just wanted to say that I’m really glad that our relationship got to the point that it is at and you’re like my best friend now and I love you so much and appreciate that I have a mom like you! Love you 💕💕

~ Diane

I so enjoyed the entire 3 day mother daughter experience. It was such a blessing not only to get to spend so much quality time with my daughter, but to have Debra mentoring us one-on-one, carefully planning out each session to specifically meet each of our needs.

Deborah has a way of “digging deep” and having fun through the process. I would recommend this retreat to any mother wanting to “reconnect” with her daughter and be open to learning ways to stay connected for a lifetime!

Thank you, Debra! You’re the best!

~ Rhonda (Mom)

This retreat was good because it allowed me to get more should In touch with myself, and also bond with my mom. It taught me how to handle situations better and how not to let the negative overpower my life. To learn to just relax and become happy and at peace with myself.

~ Meg (Daughter)

Dear Debra,

Thank you for connecting me with my little girl and Higher Self. My three days with you were magnificent as you skillfully exposed my core beliefs, taught me the process to shift them, and consistently triggered me to tears, thus facilitating a much needed release of deeply stored sadness, guilt, shame, insecurity, self-doubt, and grief. Given my narcissistic family history, and 12-step background with CoDA and ACA, I was impressed with your knowledge of narcissistic dynamics and how accurately you truly understood my thought process.

I am loving my connection to my little girl and Higher Self! Most importantly, I have reconnected with and taken back ownership of my self-worth and sense of Self, which happened from my work with you. Working with you did the trick for me to step into and embrace who I’m meant to be.

With deeply heartfelt gratitude, we both thank you!

both “little” and “adult” Cathy

~ Cathy

“Having just completed the five-day retreat I feel so hopeful for the first time in my 55 years of life. Debra, thank you for teaching me how to disregard those old beliefs that are so debilitating. Now I know how to connect in a new way spiritually. You were so kind and warm and made sure I understood the concepts fully. I look forward to talking to you again. I hope anyone who is suffering with depression has the opportunity to do one of your retreats.”
Warm regards,

~ LM

Debra is the first mentor in my life who was able to produce changes in me and consequently in my family. I’m a mother of 6 with children ranging from 9-21 and have been married 25 years.

We had previous marriage counseling with no results. Debra has taught me how to deal with my triggers (and there are many) and how to heal my childhood wounds. I’m learning to give myself compassion, a very new and powerful practice when you are used to putting yourself down. As a result my confidence grew and a level of peace has been restored to my family. My marriage is better and my quiet husband started sharing and wanting to spend time with me. My oldest child who had gone through a time of rebellion and recreational drug use, having been asked to leave the house, is now home, clean and working hard to pay off hefty court fines (yes he was In trouble with the law). Through that heart wrenching ordeal I was able to stay calm and go on with my life and family only because of Debra’s help. My second oldest started coming out of her shell and is now communicating and open to share more than before. All in all I’m at a place of peace that was unknown to me before and I continue to use Debra’s strategies to work on triggers and the many learning opportunities a family of 8 presents to me.

~ Isabelle

“Debra. Wow, all I can say is that you are simply amazing! I have been to many different therapists, throughout my life, but I have never walked out of anyone’s office with a greater understanding of who I am and what makes me tick, except yours. In just three short days, you did more for my well-being than the therapists have done in a year or cumulatively over a lifetime. I would like to thank you sincerely for helping me uncover and connect with my true self.”

~ Beth

“Through the three-day intensive retreat, you helped me discover my lifelong patterns, wounds and their triggers. I finally have clarity on how I have spent the last thirty-seven years of my life reacting to and living my life through the lens of my wounded inner child. Oh, by the way I did not even know that I had triggers no less an inner child until you showed them to me. I now enjoy the awareness and tools with which I can heal my wounds and change how I view my past, present and the future. I no longer carry around the shame, guilt and heavy burdens of being unworthy of love, hope and happiness. You have shed light into the deepest recesses of my mind and helped me understand how the patterns of wounding connect to each other and ultimately influence my codependent and self-limiting behaviors and by doing so you have set me on the path to thrive instead of survive.”

~ M

“Working with Debra Beck in a concentrated time frame has been life changing for me. Through the Soul Retrieval process, Debra has the ability to cut through the noise, and to immediately provide tools for change. Applying what I’ve learned through my work with her, she has helped me lead a happier, more peaceful, and more fulfilling life. Debra balances her down-to-earth and honest approach with a loving and compassionate presence that feels safe and facilitates rapid progress. I highly recommend working with Debra on any issues, or just overall self-development.

~ Marion

“Debra, I want to Thank You! As you remember I was at the lowest time in my life, lost at how to get myself back on track. My wife had an affair that put me in a desperate situation; I needed tools to get myself straightened out.

In the 3-Day Retreat you spent 6-8 hours a day helping me reconnect with my spiritual side. In the months after this retreat I have used your method to reach an unbelievable connection to Source. I’m no longer afraid of emotional pain that comes into my life; I now have the skills to take care of my self emotionally.

Debra I’m glad to say that my new Primary relationship is with myself and Source and I will never go back to the old ways. Some things have happened since the retreat that changed my life forever. I feel I’m guided by a higher Power and I surrendered myself to that Power. I’m a happy Man

I recommend any of you guys interested in getting on the right track, to give Debra a try. I Promise you will walk away with the tools you need to have a successful life.

Thank You! Debra. I will always be Grateful for you.”

~ Christopher

“Dearest Debra,
There aren’t enough words to express the impact your retreat had on me and my future. I came to you in a very dark, lonely place and within 3 days together I feel like a new person. My emotional and physical pain is gone and you have given me the tools to maintain this positive sense of self. Debra, you are the real deal, thank you for your wisdom, guidance and beautiful spirit.”
Blessing always!

~ Cheryl

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