Sedona Soul Retrieval offers customized personal retreats

for Women and couples to Transform and Connect


Are you looking for a retreat where you can relax and recharge, so you can infuse new life and connect with yourself in a much deeper way?  Life is very busy and stressful and sometimes it’s important to get away and reboot.  It is so critical to take time for yourself and nurture your well-being.  This retreat allows you time to just be and be taken care of.

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During this one-on-one inner journey work, 4-6 hours a day is devoted to uncovering an understanding of what obstacles are getting in your way, where they come from, and how to move through them with grace and ease. Incorporated into your work is getting out in nature on the red rocks. Sedona being such a power center for healing will help facilitate your spiritual journey.

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Being in partnership is not an easy experience. However it is through our relationship with our primary partner that we learn more about ourselves and go deeper into our healing. Our couples retreat is only designed for one couple at a time, creating a safe and secure space for you to begin the process of connecting with your partner in a more authentic and deeper way.

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remote retreat


Can’t Get Away For A Retreat? How about a Remote Retreat in the comforts of your own home? If you want to break down old beliefs in a safe environment where awakening will occur organically, I implore you to consider a one-on-one Remote Retreat from the comfort of your own home.

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