Sedona Couples Retreats

In a Sedona Couples Retreat, you will connect with your partner in a safe and open space. Being in partnership can be the most loving experience two people can share. It can also be extremely challenging, leaving both partners feeling hurt and unloved. It is through our triggers that come up through our relationship that we do our deepest healing, making our partnership a perfect environment for us to grow. Throughout my 30 years of self-development, my primary partnerships have been the biggest catalyst to my growth and spiritual healing.

All of our childhood wounding comes up predominantly through the closeness of a primary relationship. If you don’t learn how to show up for yourself and have a clearer understanding of your reactions, you will project all of your feelings onto your partner and have expectations of how they need to take care of your needs.

Sedona Soul Retrieval couples retreat is designed for one couple at a time, creating a safe and secure space for you to begin the process of reconnecting with your partner in a more authentic and deeper way.

Participating in this private Intensive Couples Retreat will shift your relationship into a more emotionally connected, loving partnership. Having this concentrated period of time together without the demands of work, family, and other scheduled activities will help you understand yourself better so you are able to show up in your partnership in a more loving, connected way.

Because you are investing 100% of your energy into the healing of yourself and your relationship, you will find the process moves very quickly. Old belief systems are challenged and shifted, and therefore the changes are profound and sustainable.

The Intensive Couples Retreat Is For You If:

It’s time to reconnect and recreate your sacred bond

  • You are having difficulties communicating.
  • You would like to be closer and have more intimacy.
  • You no longer make time for each other due to the demands of work and family.
  • You are blaming each other for the hurt in the relationship.
  • You are feeling sad and hopeless with your future together.

 From Couples Retreat  Participants

“Prior to arriving and meeting Debra for marriage retreat, I was unsure what to expect. But after just a few days, she was able to walk us through and practice easy to understand processes that allow my wife and I to open up and share our feelings in a nonjudgmental, safe environment.

The tools and best practices we left with have already shown improvement towards how we approach and resolve our differences. I would recommend this retreat to anyone in need of a major marriage overhaul, or simple relationship fine-tuning”
~ Michael Hidrogo

Couples Retreat Participants,
MIchael and Diane

No relationship is perfect and just like every other couple, we have had our share of issues. I believe that all of my relationships deserve care and feeding to make them stronger. I’m so glad my husband and I were able to do this retreat so we can do this work to strength our marriage together.

I highly recommend a retreat with Debra. I always start crying when I talk about it because it was such a powerful shift in my life. I have learned to have better control over my responses to triggers, and I don’t let things bother me the way they used to. The couples retreat was perfect to help me gain a better understanding as to how I can also apply the work to strengthen my marriage. ”
~ Diane Hidrogo

Who Benefits from The Intensive Couples Retreat ?

If you are looking to create more intimacy, better communication, become more cohesive parents, or you are just looking to deepen your current relationship, this couples retreat is for you.

Couples come to me when they are:

• Separated and looking to reconcile
• Trapped in useless arguing
• Upset by infidelity
• Thinking of divorce
• Desiring to reconnect
• Looking to build more intimacy

You do not have to be in a crisis mode to benefit from this couple’s retreat, you might just be looking for a way to enhance and deepen your connection with each other.

Work with Debra and develop the tools to rebuild your relationship

What Can You Expect from The Intensive Couples Retreat?

Experience Your Own Custom Couples Retreat

The retreat is for just the two of you, personal and private. This is not a group environment. When dealing with personal relationship issues, I find it to be critical to have a safe, one-on-one experience to be able to move through issues without the judgments of others as a concern.

You can set up your retreat any days of the week that are convenient for you. During your Sedona Soul Retrieval Couples Retreat, you will be amazed at how quickly you will regain your connection to yourself and your partner, refresh your friendship with each other, and become excited in your partnership again.

You will learn to move through feelings of anger, fear and resentment, rebuild trust, stop blaming, develop more intimacy, become more honest with yourself and your partner, as well as feel more empowered. This couples retreat will help you understand yourself as individual people while seeing the mirror your partner provides for you.

With this new way of being, you will be able to create a more open, committed, and safe relationship with each other. You will be able to have the relationship you have always wanted with more respect and caring.

Extremely Personalized to Meet Your Needs

My focus is to help you understand yourselves better so you can show up for yourselves and therefore be a healthier partner. The Couples Retreat can be anywhere from 1 day to 5, for 3 to 5 hours a day, depending on your situation.

Other activities to create intimacy and bonding will be scheduled, such as couples massage, sacred land tours, sound healing and meditation ceremonies to clear and quiet the mind. You will also have time to relax and go exploring in beautiful Sedona.

I will design your personal couples retreat after a FREE phone consultation to find out where you are in your relationship and what your intentions are.

Because the transformation can keep occurring after you leave the retreat, I have an After Care Program in place to help you integrate into your relationship with a new way of being. I do not offer a set price because each retreat is individually created depending on your needs, how many days you decide are right for you, and what modalities will be incorporated. After a consultation we will together decide if Sedona Soul Retrieval is right for your relationship and design the perfect retreat.

You do not have to be in a crisis mode to benefit from this couple’s retreat, you might just be looking for a way to enhance and deepen your connection with each other.

Design Your Own Personalized Remote Couples Retreat

I also have an After-Care Program in place to help facilitate deeper breakthroughs because the transformation can keep occurring after you leave the retreat.

About Debra Beck

I love helping people recognise how they are living out of their limiting belief system, shift those beliefs, and live through their higher self and not act out of their ego.

It is my passion and my purpose to aid in the awakening of others and help them shift their lives to live a happier, more fulfilling existence.  It really inspires me seeing people have big breakthroughs that shift their current reality bringing them closer to themselves and others, with an open and honest heart.

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