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Women’s Retreats for deeper inspiration and connection!

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It is my passion and my purpose to aid in the awakening of others and help them shift their lives to live a happier, more fulfilling existence.  It really inspires me seeing people have big breakthroughs that shift their current reality bringing them closer to themselves, God, and others, with an open and honest heart.

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Women's Retreats

Soul Retrieval

Attain an understanding of what obstacles are getting in your way, where they come from, and how to move through them with grace and ease. Sedona, Arizona is such a power center for healing. Just being here will help facilitate your spiritual journey. Soul Retrieval will bring the experience to life.

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Sedona Arizona sprititual retreats


Life is very busy and stressful and sometimes it’s important to get away and reboot. It is so critical to take time for yourself and nurture your well-being, individually or as a couple. Sedona Soul Retrieval retreats are designed to help you get back in touch with what matters most.

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Why Sedona Soul Retrieval For Your Spiritual Retreat?

We live in a world of high-stimuli, both physically and emotionally. It is difficult for us to tap into our own self-knowing within these circumstances. Do you feel like you’re not living the life you were meant to live? Have you lost your sense of self? Are you seeking? Do you know what you are looking for? Maybe you are in transition in your life and want to create a new relationship with yourself. Maybe you lack clarity and don’t know what you are feeling; you just know you want a complete shift of your current reality. If you want to break down old beliefs, this one-on-one retreat offers a safe environment
where awakening will occur organically. Your experience will incorporate healing time on this sacred land and selected modalities of bodywork where mind, body and spirit is integrated for your personal needs. As women, we are seekers and we are always looking for a more meaningful life. Sedona Soul Retrieval will facilitate this lasting transformation that will shift how you feel inside and out, and how you show up in the world and how the world starts showing up for you. We will complete this journey with an awakened way of being, totally in touch with who you are.

SSR Workshops

Debra Beck leads Workshops on Shifting your old belief system, shrinking your ego, to live a more authentic, connected life. Loving ourselves takes looking at old patterns and taking the actions to change them so we can bring love to ourselves and the world. “Healing Ourself So We Can Heal The World”.

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Sedona Spiritual Women's Retreats

Remote Retreat

If you are unable to travel to a retreat, explore my Remote Retreat, from the comforts of your own home. If cost and time limitations are the problem, this retreat is a perfect opportunity for you to heal right where you are. Make the shift to mental clarity and schedule a Free consult with me today!

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Empowered Teens & Parents

I have been helping teens and parents for over 20 years through Mentoring, Mother-Daughter Retreat, Workshops and Speaking Engagements. It is my desire to help teens grow and make better decisions and help parents learn how to support their teenagers during these turbulent times.

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Men Need Help Too!

male-symbol1Women: If you have a partner that want’s to shift his life, I do retreats  and mentoring for men as well.  One week after my client left the 3-Day Retreat, her husband called me and said ” I want some of what my wife has, she seems so at peace with herself and is handling life completely different.”  When women do this type of work, their partners see such a change that it automatically shifts their relationship. If the partner comes in for his own retreat it just enhances the growth for both partners and creates a more intimate relationship.  Or, come together for the couples retreat, it’s  very powerful!

“Debra, I want to Thank You! As you remember I was at the lowest time in my life, lost at how to get myself back on track. My wife had an affair that put me in a desperate situation; I needed tools to get myself straightened out. In the 3-Day Retreat you spent 6-8 hours a day helping me reconnect with my spiritual side. In the months after this retreat I have used your method to reach an unbelievable connection to Source. I’m no longer afraid of emotional pain that comes into my life; I now have the skills to take care of my self emotionally. I’m a happy Man I recommend any of you guys interested in getting on the right track, to give Debra a try. I Promise you will walk away with the tools you need to have a successful life. Thank You! Debra. I will always be Grateful for you.”

“Debra. Wow, all I can say is that you are simply amazing! I have been to many different therapists, throughout my life, but I have never walked out of anyone’s office with a greater understanding of who I am and what makes me tick, except yours.”


“Through the three-day intensive retreat, you helped me discover my lifelong patterns, wounds and their triggers. I finally have clarity on how I have spent the last thirty-seven years of my life reacting to and living my life through the lens of my wounded inner child.”

Thanks, M

“Through the Soul Retrieval process, Debra has the ability to cut through the noise, and to immediately provide tools for change. Applying what I’ve learned through my work with her, she has helped me lead a happier, more peaceful, and more fulfilling life.”



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Questions? Click To Book A Free Consult Online or Call 928-300-0447!