What does it look like to be in surrender? The Art of Surrender

Surrendering is to cease resistance, yielding, and give in, and succumb. The biggest issue to just letting go and surrendering is our resistance. Our resistance to change, our resistance to staying awake and looking at our blind spot and our resistance to life being exactly what life is! When we resist anything, we strengthen the energies around what we are resisting.

“What you resist persist”

Do you notice how some issues keep coming around repeatedly, no matter how hard you try to avoid or ignore them? It never works to push issues away that we need to process through. The more we push it away, the more we get push back.

Our resistance gives power to that which we resist and leaves us with unresolved issues. To be able to totally surrender we need to look at what is coming up and get an understanding of what it is trying to teach us. It is critical to stop resisting to be able to surrender. Surrender cannot happen without yielding and giving into the lessons in front of us.

What affects us on the inside is a direct call out to us that we have work to do on the inside. If we avoid or run away from the emotions, this causes a resistance inside of us and an inability to let go and surrender.  If we have emotions and feelings coming up from the outside world or our thoughts it’s best to do a deep dive to move through them, not push them to the side.

Everything happening on the outside or inside us with our thoughts and feelings is a reflection of what we need to work through, it’s always an opportunity to go deeper into our learning.  It’s difficult to go running straight into our fears and of course you will notice resistance.  This is where surrendering to the process will help us go through the fire and come out the other end to peace and serenity.

In all of my retreats, the individual intensive, the couples retreat, or the mother-daughter retreat, you will learn about yourself and where surrender is important. 










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