What does it mean to be your authentic self? Being Our Authentic Self

When we show up completely ourselves in the world, keeping it real, we offer the same to others. Most of us know what being authentic means and we know intuitively when were not being a real and when we are out of alignment. When we don’t show up being ourselves it’s mostly because we are afraid of how people will perceive us, and how they may judge us.

I remember being in a five day workshop and one of the exercises had us stand up in front of everyone and express one of our fears. Well, one of my fears was standing up in front of a crowd and speaking. So I was so scared that I actually shot out of my seat first with tears streaming down my face expressing my fears about speaking in public. I was shocked at the response. So many people expressed having the exact same fear and thanked me for standing up and being so vulnerable. Then they stood up one after another expressing the same fear. This is a perfect example of being real allowing others to be real as well. I felt so much love for all these people with the same vulnerabilities as me.  I also felt truly seen as the real me.

Being real isn’t easy when we live in a culture that shows us how were supposed to be physically and materially perfect. There really isn’t any room for being human. When we feel like who we are is just not good enough, this is when we tend to cover up our shadow sides.  When we walk through life hiding parts of who we are we feel it internally, we know something is off. When we are able to accept all parts of ourselves, and love those parts, there is a comfort in the way we move through the world.

There is such a freedom in just allowing our self to be how we are in every moment of our life. When we have insecurities around our deficiencies, we show up in the world insecure. When we embrace our deficiencies, knowing that we’re human, we show up in the world feeling way more empowered.

One of the rewards for showing up in the world unmasked is that we will inspire others to do the same and attract authentic people in your lives. In all of my retreats whether it be the Individual Intensive, Mother Daughter or the Couple Retreats you will learn how to live in your true authentic self, come from your heart, stop acting out of your ego and shift your beliefs.


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