It’s amazing the strength we have! Our Amazing Strength

When we look back throughout our lives we can see how we have risen up to the challenge of all of our many trials. Even though in the midst the turbulence we do not feel that we can handle it and it will surely take us down. The tough challenges to handle are the ones that seem to be compounded one right after another. We may handle the first one with grace and ease but then when the other one comes on its heels we find ourselves floundering a bit.

We often find our selves thinking that life is not fair and that we are never going to get a break from these life trials. When challenges are compounded, it is then that we lose our balance and forget what these challenges can bring us. If we see life through the lens of our higher self, our spiritual self, instead of our physical self, we will recognize that all of our challenges are yet another opportunity to grow.

If you recap all of your experiences and look at them through the learning you will see how much you have grown. So if we can take on every situation knowing that it is a chance to elevate and evolve and not take the situation so personally it will take the sting out of the obstacle.

I have been working on getting an issue fixed with my car for the last two months and finally figured it out and got it fixed only to have spilled a drink on my gearshift that put me back in the shop. This is on top of dealing with a sprinkler issue and other minor things that I’m working on. I could have easily clicked into over well but recognized that this was just an opportunity for me to breathe and be patient and surrender to life being exactly the way it is.

I talk about this a lot that life is just life and we can resist life being what it is or we can surrender to it. When we resist life it creates conflict inside of us. When we can recognize what’s happening and what our lessons are we build strength in us instead of a weakness.

Its important to pay attention to our growth and recognize how far we have come. If you are looking to get more in touch with yourself check out my mentoring and retreats. Through my Individual Retreats, Mother Daughter Retreats, Couples Retreats and Mentoring programs you will understand the patterns in yourself that block love from flowing through you and to you.

If you are looking for support around loving yourself and others, check out my retreats and mentoring. The individual intensive, the couples retreat, or the mother-daughter retreat, you will learn about yourself and how to clean up your past so you can move through this life with love and passion.

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