How many good friends do you have and what do these friendships look like?

I know for me I have a lot of different types of friendships.  Some of my friends are an active part of my daily lives and know what is going on with me, whether it be good or bad. Then I have other friends that I only get together with every few months and we catch up on what’s is going on with us.

I will say that the friends that I am sharing my daily life with are much deeper relationships.  They are the friends that when I am going through something big, they are right there with me as I am for them. Oddly enough if something serious happens in my life I may even forget to tell the friends not in my daily life because they are on the outskirts of my life.  This isn’t a bad, it’s just the way it is.

I remember a teacher telling me that normally we only have a few core people in our lives that we share really important issues with.  Mainly the ones that process the same way we do or at least have an understanding about how we process.  I personally only have 2 people that really know the depths of my inner soul. My other friends are close in a different way.

Do you have a hard time calling on your friends when you’re in need? I think it’s important to not dilute your process with telling all your friends about everything going on in your life. I first like to bring the issue to myself and see what is going on, then I take it to my inner core friendships with my growth through the process.

I know a couple of people that tell everyone about everything they are going through, even people that know them very well. Usually in the situation they are just venting, not processing.  If you are processing an issue you are having, normally you may only need to share it with a couple of close friends. I also find that after I process it, I’m only sharing my growth around the situation, not the situation as much.

We have to be careful because the ego loves to talks about sticky situations over and over until nauseum.  The ego has to blame others and make them out to be the bad guys.  So be careful who you are sharing with and how you are sharing.

It’s important to cultivate a good friendship with yourself first, then others!

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