Are We Only Teaching Ours Children or Learning From Them as Well? What Do We Have To Learn From Our Children

When we have an awareness that we are also learning from our children as much as we are teaching and guiding them, we become very present to ourselves. When our children come into the world they come in without preconceived notions about things, situations and people. They are not avoiding situations because they don’t feel good. Because of this we have so much to learn from them about our judgments of situations and people.

Children are much more heart centered because they haven’t had the experiences to taint them. We do have so much to teach our children about life in general, but we have to be open to what we are learning from them as well.

One thing that I believe is most precious to learn from children is how they express their emotions without worrying about what people think. How many times have you not expressed how you feel because you didn’t want to seem vulnerable, weak or needy. They live their life fully in the present moment with an open mind, not caring about the judgments of others.

What would this be like as an adult if we were living in this moment completely open-minded without any of our wounds from our past tarnishing how we see things?  It would be so freeing and we would feel completely alive and full of passion. It’s our triggers from our wounding that make us look at situations with a judgmental eye.

Another important component about seeing our children as teachers is that it removes the hierarchy of parents being The Great Wizard of Oz. I believe it is important for children to know that their parents don’t know everything and they are on a path of learning as well. I remember when my kids finally understood that I was human too. They had more compassion for me and stopped treating me like a machine.

The biggest problems I see in mother daughter relationships are the mothers treating the daughters less than because they believe the daughters aren’t as wise. The daughters become very resentful when they feel like they have nothing to contribute.

The work I do in my retreats and mentoring is all about learning about yourself and actually using everyone and every situation to become more self-aware. No one is better or worse than another.

In all of my retreats whether it be the Individual Intensive, Mother Daughter or the Couple Retreats you will learn how to live in your true authentic self, come from your heart, stop acting out of your ego and shift your beliefs.


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