Picking the perfect retreat is really an important decision. Is a Sedona Soul Retrieval Retreat Right for You

There are so many different types of retreat to go to like my couples retreat, individual intensive retreat, rejuvenating retreat, adult mother-daughter retreat or the teen mother-daughter retreat. Going to a retreat can be a very powerful way to process things that are going on in your life.

Spending time away from our daily life situations where we can reflect and heal, gives us time to go inward. When we set up time to go to retreat we have set the intention to do our handling and learn more about our spirit and the behaviors we have that are keeping us from living in our higher self.

We all see the world differently through our own lens, from our experienced life. It’s very important to choose a retreat where you resonate with the facilitator and the work that they do. Even if it is a highly recommended retreat it may not be the retreat for you. This is going to be a time where you will trust your intuition and select the best retreat that connects with your souls desires.

Once you are in retreat being able to stay open, and explore any feelings, thoughts or issues that are rising and understanding they are simply a part of the process, is powerful. It’s important to put your trust in the process of the retreat you are in and try to look at any resistance that is going on. By letting go of the resistance you are able to go deeper into your souls work.

Going to a retreat may feel somewhat like you are going on a vacation and if you pick my rejuvenating retreat, it would be more like a vacation. If you pick my intensive retreat you will be doing very serious soul-searching where you will be digging deep into your limiting beliefs to shift patterns that you have had your whole life. So again when choosing the right retreat for yourself make sure you are very clear about which one you’re choosing. At Sedona Soul Retrieval, we offer both the rejuvenating and the intensive retreats.

When talking to the person that will be facilitating your retreat, make sure you feel aligned with her process and also feel comfortable with her. It’s so funny that when people call me to ask questions about my retreats I know immediately from our consultation if they are going to come and experience my retreat. I can just feel the connection with them.

In all of my retreats, whether it be, the individual intensivemother-daughter, or the couples retreat you will learn how to recognize your inner child, love yourself, shift these old beliefs and show up differently in the world.

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