How can you improve your mother daughter relationship?

Improving Your Mother Daughter Relationship

Mother daughter relationships are so important. If they aren’t nurtured while growing up, chances are they we be strained in adulthood. Creating a healthy relationship can be complex because of all of our old beliefs. There are so many different you can do to create a better relationship together although if you don’t do the healing necessary on yourself, all of these suggestions will fail.


  • Look at your expectations of how the relationship should be. Both parties will want different things and it’s important to get your needs met but always remember to compromises. My oldest daughter dislikes talking on the phone. The problem is, we live in different states.  I don’t take it personally, thinking she doesn’t love me or want to talk to me.  We talk once a week and I make it work and so does she.
  • If you have an argument, don’t let pride prevent you from making the first move to mend it. The Ego is very prideful and will keep you away from love. Don’t listen to it.
  • Continuously be working through your own issues that keep you acting out of your ego and away from your higher self. If you’re triggered, you need to do the work around your beliefs. Don’t go outside yourself to make yourself fell better. Don’t put the burden on your mother or daughter that they need to show up a certain way for you to be okay.
  • Listen to what the other person is saying and step into their reality. Try to see how they feel, realizing there is always a different way to see things.  Really explore the opposing side.
  • Don’t try to fix each other’s situation. Moms do this mostly. If your daughter comes to you with a problem, stay out of fix it mode. Listen to them and maybe say something that lets them know you can relate and hear them.  Maybe saying “ I hear how hard this is for you, if you need anything from me, let me know.” Don’t jump into telling them what they should do. Telling them what to do makes them feel inadequate.
  • Communicate your needs to each other. No one is a mind reader; they need to know what you want. Also be prepared to not get your way.  It’s important to express your needs to one another and talk about a compromise.
  • Realize we are all human. Forgive each other for being human. We are going to make mistake, so make sure you allow room to be human.
  • Don’t dig up old issues and bring them into the present. Leave the past in the past. Deal with the issues at hand and don’t complicate it with your emotions around old issues. If you are bringing up old stuff it’s because you don’t understand the workings of the mind and need one of my retreats.
  • Don’t avoid conflict and think that it will miraculously go away; it usually gets bigger. Make time to come together and clean up the issue. So things don’t pile up.
  • Stay away from blaming each other for feelings you are having. Realize your feelings come from your belief system not their actions.

There are so many more things you can do to create a more harmonious relationship between each other. A good start is to book a Mother Daughter Retreat and get all the tools you need to create a healthy relationship with each other.

In all of my retreats, whether it be, the individual intensivemother-daughter, or the couples retreat you will learn how to recognize your inner child, love yourself, shift these old beliefs and show up differently in the world.

Is your mother daughter relationship in trouble?

Is your heart aching to reconnect?

Are you tired of being blamed for the problems?



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