Why do we fill the void inside us? Filling the Voids Inside us

What do you do to fill that void inside of you when you are feeling totally disconnected from yourself?

In society we are actually encouraged to consume so that we don’t have to be in touch with their feelings. This could be the consumption of food or things. Do you ever consume chocolate, food, alcohol or caffeine to avoid possibly feeling tired or lonely? The same goes for shopping, exercising, gambling or blaming and arguing to avoid feeling sad or angry.

If we take the time to examine what’s going on deeper inside of us before reaching for the food or object that will medicate that feeling, we will get to know our self on a deeper level. All of these things that we consume only make us feel good for a brief moment and then we settled back into being sad or lonely.

These feelings that we’re having get us in touch with how disconnected we are from our true selves. When we stop the consumption and just allow ourselves to sink into the feelings, we connect with our true self. When we connect to that energy, we connect to source and who we are as spirit.

Once we decide to go inward instead of consume, we will be able to look at our behaviors from our higher self. We will be able to look at our patterns without the ego mind judging us and telling us to medicate to get away from them.

Boredom is a huge feeling that initiates eating, shopping or excessive Internet use. If we can learn how to deal with the boredom, that often goes deeper into our loneliness, we will be able to show up for ourselves in a different way. I find sitting with myself and telling myself that I’m right here to be with any feelings that I’m having, but me at peace. This isn’t about going outside myself to nurture, it’s about taking care of myself.

When we start showing up ourselves and being with ourselves through all of our feelings, this way of being will become second nature.

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