Avoiding your feelings can create an unhealthy environment in your mind and in your body. But the worst thing that avoiding your feelings does is takes away the opportunity for you to look at what’s going on in a much deeper way and grow from the experience.

Potent emotions can be extremely challenging especially when there are many crazy experiences going on in our life at once. I find it easier to sit with one emotion at a time, and having a conversation with the lower part of yourself that is totally hooked into that emotion. Usually when you do this, you can find out what the root cause of your suffering is.

There is usually two ways people deal with their emotions, first they stuff them and the feelings tend to get heavy inside and affect them physically, (depression or anxiety) or you will project them outside of your body by possibly yelling or other ways of acting out. Neither are healthy. The best way to deal with overwhelming emotions is to take the feeling off of the situation outside of yourself and bring it inside and sit with the feeling, and breathe and explore what’s going on for you, instead of making it about what’s happening outside of you.

You do not want to avoid your emotions or feelings because in doing so they sit inside your body and turn into unconscious anger, withdrawal or self-sabotage. It’s important to go inward with your emotions and reflect and feel them before taking them to others to express. What people have a tendency to do is to express their emotions to others through the lower part of themselves/ego, which is just another form of unconscious expression. The only thing you should be going to others about is your learning about the situation, not about the actual situation. When we talk about the actual situation like what others do wrong it feeds the unconscious self and doesn’t actually exhaust the emotions.

When bringing your emotions inward, it is important not to judge what you’re feeling or the situation, simply look at your feelings and possibly was happening inside your body and connection to an old belief. After doing this you can just let it go, although letting go doesn’t mean it won’t circle back, it might and that’s okay. Some limiting beliefs take a long time to exhaust. During the process of letting go deep breathing really helps.

Feel the emotions, be with the emotions, don’t run from them or projecting them outside of your body and then
breathe and imagine letting go.

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