Does your home feel calm and comfortable? 

Your home can either be a place filled with chaos or it can be a calm stress-free oasis. I don’t think people realize how important it is to create an environment in their home space that is relaxing, calm and inviting. Not so much inviting to others but inviting to yourself.

My home is my sanctuary and I love being in it. I have created my space to hold me and feel safe. It seems a little weird to be talking about a home like this but I know most of you can relate. I have walked into people’s homes that feel very cold and uninviting. I am also been in a home where I’ve noticed zero effort being put into the nesting process. And with these homes I have noticed that the person living in the home seems to have an untethered feeling about them.

Because our lives are so busy we want to make sure to bring a personal touch inside our home so that that busy feeling we have throughout the day can come to rest when we come home. When we take the time to treat our homes with care we shift the energy from just being a place to eat and sleep to a place where we can replenish our energy.

If we are living in a house with a lot of clutter, this clutter could transfer over to a feeling of anxiety within us. This is such an easy way to shift things within and without by clearing the clutter in our home. When we clear our house and then begin to maybe redesign it in a way that makes us feel good, then that feel good feeling will show up in other areas of our life as well.

 I also think it’s important to have a certain area in your house that is designated to a daily meditation or practice. This area could be as simple as a beanbag chair that you know when you sit in it, it’s a time of relaxation and calm. Having our homes comfortable help us feel more comfortable in the outer world.

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-Love, Graylen Eastwood

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