It’s important to manage our fears regarding the Corona Virus! A Time to Manage Our Fear Around the Corona Virus

There is an extreme amount of fear circulating with everyone regarding this virus and our economic situation. I notice it rumbling in my body throughout the day. It is critical that we learn to manage this anxiety by going inward not outward.

When we look at the situation outside of ourselves it will elevate our levels of fear and anxiety and actually expand any of the old beliefs we are buying into. If we can just take two big deep breaths and relax our body and connect with what we are feeling, and realize that it is coming from our projections outward.

Most of us are feeling pretty unsafe and out-of-control in our lives at the moment. If we can understand that these feelings come from being disconnected from source and being more connected with our ego minds, this will guide us back to our connection with God.

The more we stay in the reality of what’s happening out there the more we expand our old beliefs of truly being out of control and unsafe and there is no healing or learning.

During this time of unrest in the world with the coronavirus and economy, I find myself going inward with my practice more and more. Shifting my lower mind to a higher way of being and seeing things through my higher self. If we could all practice being with how we feel and shifting the fear to love, it may shift the worlds dynamics. Fear begets fear just as love begets love. What energy do you want to be putting out?

The faster we shift our energy away from fear, the quicker the universal fear will dissipate.

If you are having difficulty leaning into love and you have more fear, you may want to consider a Mini Online Retreat or Mentoring Course.

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