PresenceThe power of being present!

When we live in the present moment, we take ourselves out of habitually performing activities and living with intent.

Most of us have a lot of things on her plate every day, which leads us to multitasking quite often.  We may find ourselves moving through our days multitasking with everything we do. It is very hard to be present when we are doing five things at once.

Being present is one of the main practices of Zen Buddhism in which the monks develop the ability to bring their mind to only one thing at a time. Most of the time when we’re doing one thing we are thinking of something totally different or we are doing three different things and thinking of something different.

When we bring the presence of our mind into what we are doing and given our full attention it brings profound meaning into what we are doing. Even if we are doing something as simple as eating her breakfast when we bring our presence of mind into it, we will notice the texture, taste and enjoyment of the meal much more. How many times have you eaten a meal without any presence?

Our minds are normally very active and so are our bodies with things they need to accomplish within the day. This is something we may not ever be able to change except it’s important to bring a healthy balance of intentional activity into the state of our day.

Try being completely present for even an hour and notice how difficult it is. Even making statements about what we are doing brings our mind into the present moment. Simply saying to ourselves, “I am aware that I just woke up.” Or “I am aware that I am eating fresh cooked oats.” Using this tool everyday brings us into that moment and acknowledges what we are doing right then and there.

When we own our own actions instead of being on autopilot we may become aware of how disengaged we are from our own reality we are, when we are not present.

Being present is powerful!

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