Is it hard for you to being with your feelings? Being with your Feelings

How tough is it to just sit with your feelings and feel the intensity of them? Most people medicate their feelings away so they don’t have to be with them.  They shop, eat, drink, do drugs, argue, complain, blame, they do anything not to feel.

The heart has a wide range of feelings that it experiences, from the deepest of sorrow to the most elated joy. When we restrict feeling any of them because of our old beliefs, they get stuck and it stops our energy, our chi from flowing.  It’s much better for our health to allow feelings to bubble up and flow through us.

Often we put our feelings off to the side to deal with them later and we end up storing them in our bodies and minds. If we could get a visual on this is would look like a hoarders house.  If we store them for later and never get to them, they stay inside us and block energy from flowing.

No matter how scary it is to look at and be with our feelings, it is always better to deal with them as they come up and not stuff them down, hoping they will go away.

One of the main reason we hide our feelings is because we live in a culture that doesn’t support having emotions. It is our job to allow ourselves to acknowledge our feelings and be with them. If we feel sadness, we can embrace it and let it in and noticing where we feel it in our bodies and allow ourselves to express it through crying or just going inward.

When we give ourselves the right to feel our feelings as they come up, it will be easier for us to let them go. All the feelings want is to be felt. Get out of the story of what is making you feel this way and just feel.  Feel, relax and watch your heart open.

In all of my retreats, the individual intensive, the couples retreat, or the mother-daughter retreat, you will learn about yourself and how to be with your feelings. 

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