It’s a beautiful time when we go inward for our healing instead of looking outside of The Blame Gameour self.

There is nothing we can do to make somebody else take responsibility for his or her own actions.  The only thing we can do is to make sure that we are taking full responsibility for our own actions and not getting wrapped up in the drama that is caused by them not accepting theirs. 

When we start to understand that the world outside of us is a reflection of what is inside of us, we see that there is no one to blame for the issues in our lives. When it comes to a difficult childhood or difficulties in a current relationship it is always a mirror of our old belief system that is inside of us.

It would seem to make sense to blame our fathers dysfunctional behavior for our bad relationships with the men in our life or our mothers criticism for our low sense of self. This is what our egos want to do. Instead of taking full responsibility for our own triggers, project them on to someone else.

The problem with this is that when we blame others for things that have happened or are happening that trigger us, we are in the wrong place for healing.  I love what a lot of teachers say about every event being a neutral experience until our skewed minds say something about it.  So each persons mind will say something different about the situation depending upon the lens they are seeing through.

The ego always wants to blame someone, even ourselves, which is a very aggressive action we take onto others and ourselves.  When we are in a position of blaming someone for how we feel it puts us in a very powerless position where they have to change their behaviors for us to feel good. This is why it is critical for us to take full responsibility for how we feel and not project them onto someone else.  The only way true healing can happen is taking full ownership of our feelings and shifting the underlying limiting beliefs.

Yes It is a beautiful time when we go inward for our healing instead of looking outside of our self!

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“As soon as we began I knew this was the direction I was wanting to go. I felt Debra was spot on with where the feelings are coming from and truly gifted me with the tools to care for those feelings. She did such a great job at turning an ugly/hurt filled situation into a meaningful, purposeful, beautiful experience. I love the way I see and feel about myself, my mom and our relationship… Not only with each other, but with every body else in life. I can’t thank you enough, Debra. You are such a gift! I feel blessed to share in this experience.
-With love, Jennifer (Daughter)

Debra, thank you so much for helping me to connect with my daughter and myself. I’m very glad that I chose you in this reconnecting process!”
-Sincerely, Julia (Mom)

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