Why do women compete with other women? Helping Women Rise Up

I just attended a weekend event called Women’s Speak and the one thing I noticed about the event was it all about helping each other rise up. Knowing that we don’t have to break someone down to get ahead, especially another woman. Having compassion for each other and ourselves as well.

Throughout my life, I noticed a huge competition going on between girls regarding friendships and then women in the workplace. There was so much fear about not getting ahead or keeping friendships that girls had to slam other girls to survive.

How can we as women support each other? Whether this support be around helping each other notice our value or just support in whatever we are doing to move our life forward.

When women feel like they need to keep other women small due to their own insecurities, it does damage to all women including themselves.

In my youth I had been on the receiving end of other girl’s insecurities, which left me feeling very much alone.  I have really good friends in my life today that care about me and get excited for me when good things happen. When good things happen in your life and you aren’t able to share it with the women in your life, it might be time to explore what value those friendships have for you.

To support people in general is to help them rise above their lower self and come into their true authentic self. A few things we can do for others is be able to just show up and listen, allowing the person to know there is someone there holding space. Another thing we can do is when we see insecurities in someone, letting them know this is not who they truly are, while allowing them the space to move through all of their emotions without judgments.

In the mother daughter retreats I do, a lot of the times both the mother and the daughter are so wrapped up in getting their own needs met that there isn’t any consideration for the others feelings in the matter. If we can have compassion for our self and for others with this messy life, it will help us all move forward in a more healthy way and create a more peaceful planet.

If you would like to explore your old beliefs that keep you from rising up, check out my retreats. The individual intensive, the couples retreat, or the mother-daughter retreat, you will learn about yourself and how to clean up your past so you can move through this life with love and passion.

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