Creating the peace within us and creating a peaceful world. The Peace Within

The only way to truly have peace inside of us is to go within. The biggest question is how do we find inner peace when the outside world seems to be in a bit of chaos. Most people would agree that if the world were more peaceful place it would be easier for us to be at peace. The problem is we have no control over what’s going on outside of us. So if we don’t want to be ruled by what’s happening on the outside we have to learn how to bring peace within.

To be able to bring peace to the world each one of us has to do our part in bringing peace to ourselves. If we are not happy with ourselves we are probably not going to be happy with what’s going on outside of us. If we are in constant conflict inside of ourselves then this is what we will manifest in the world. If we are fighting with our friends and families, it will be hard to find peace in the world.

It is only through our struggles that we have the opportunity to move through these obstacles to the light. These obstacles show us where our deficiencies are that keep us from peace. So utilizing these experiences instead of resisting them will help us find the peace inside of us that we so desire. When we are able to transform our internal struggles to a more compassionate, kind place within, we will be able to have more compassion and kindness for others. This in itself creates a world of peace.

If each of us process our own inner work, thereby having more compassion and love for ourselves, we would go out into the world differently. The only way to peace and happiness is through transforming our own wounding and struggles.

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