Do you love and accept yourself?

When we label our actions or ourselves good or bad we are seeing things through our lower mind. The choices that we make can certainly lead us in a direction that may not be in our highest good, although it may be for our higher learning. If one of our choices leads to an unfavorable outcome, we have the opportunity to learn from it, which is always good.

When we make choices that take us in a direction that create a reality for ourselves that we don’t want, we will feel unhappy, sad or bad. We want to be careful not to label ourselves bad when we are in these situations. We may just want to acknowledge that we made a choice that led us down a path we didn’t want to go down and then let it go. Learn from that decision, forgive ourselves and be conscious about not doing it again.

Most of us grew up with the words good and bad being used to manipulate us. If you did what you are supposed to do you’re a good girl if you didn’t you are a bad girl. This type of discipline isn’t the best for us to be guiding our own inner self and moral compass.

Even though I wasn’t raised by parents who said I was a bad girl or a good girl, they were always trying to fix me, therefore I always felt like something was wrong with me. Whereas people that were raised by parents that use these tactics may find themselves feeling badly in ongoing situations.

As human’s we are here to learn, grow and evolve. The best way to evolve is to dissect the decisions that we have made that lead us down a path we don’t want to be on. When we just label ourselves good or bad, we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to grow. If you find yourself in judgment of your actions, push yourself to go a little deeper into exploring what outcome you desire and forgive yourself and just do it differently next time.

If you are having difficulties spotting the areas where you aren’t loving and accepting yourself, check out my retreats and mentoring. The individual intensive, the couples retreat, or the mother-daughter retreat, you will learn about yourself and how to clean up your past so you can move through this life with love and passion.

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