Pre-Marital Couples Retreats

We often go into marriage with this fairy tale image of living happily ever after with the perfect person, getting all of our needs met. Then when the annoyances show up after the honeymoon wears off, the real experience hits us, we fall into blaming our partner for not showing up the way we expected.

“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and acceptance of love back into our hearts.”
-Marianne Williamson

Marriage is a sacred union and needs to be entered into with a certain level of consciousness. If you’re unevolved, you will hurt each other and cause undo pain and destroy your relationship.

Without a full understanding of what being in relationship really means, it can be an emotional torture chamber instead of a much-needed healing environment. Most people go into partnerships without any preparation, hoping for the best, with expectations of how their partner will make them happy. Unfortunately, neither partner has the tools to fulfill these expectations.

The divorce rate is around 41%, for first time marriages and higher for second marriages. Those aren’t great stats. Most couples get married, obviously wanting to stay together but because they have no idea how to be in a healthy relationship, they project (blame) all of their triggers on each other and then separate to find a better match.

A Pre-Marital Retreat Is For You If:

It’s time to connect and create a sacred relationship

  • You want your relationship to last, without the risk of divorce.
  • You want to thrive and be happy in your partnership instead of just surviving it.
  • You want to develop great communication skill to maintain a closer union and have more intimacy.
  • You want to understand your triggers around your partner, instead of blaming each other.
  • You want to be able to be in the ups and downs of the first years of marriage with consciousness.
  • You want to create a deeper bond from the beginning instead of waiting until you are in crisis.

 Perspective from Retreat  Participants

“We believe every couple, preparing for marriage should experience a Pre-Marital Retreat to avoid the breakdown of communication and love, which inevitably leads to divorce”

Couples Retreats Participants, Rob and Mandy

“I thought this retreat was better than the hundreds of counseling sessions I have been to. I got more out of this in 2 days than anything I’ve ever tried. Debra was in tune spiritually with what my wife and I needed. From a man’s perspective I believe every couple even if they are not on the verge of divorce, should come to this retreat. Your marriage will thank you!!”
~ Rob, Husband

“This is my second retreat with Debra. My first was a mother-daughter retreat, the second with my husband. This retreat was so insightful and extremely helpful. I love how there is a lot of self-reflection and it helped us understand each other better and uncover our wounds from our childhood that have been affecting our lives and relationships. We are walking away with the tools to help our relationship Thrive! We were in crisis and on the edge of the divorce and now we are reconnected and recommitted and in love again! Thank you so much Debra!”

~ Mandy, Wife

Your engagement is so much more than just planning your wedding – It could be a chance to ensure a successful marriage!

Sedona Pre-Marital Couples Retreat

It’s important to create a safe environment to grow and heal those vulnerable places in us that are and unhealed, this is the main reason to be in partnership.

To understand that being in partnership is the best platform to evolve and grow and through your emotional upsets you’re given the opportunity to heal those unhealed childhood wounds, instead of blaming your partner and expecting them to make you feel better.

If these triggers are processed consciously, you would be the aide for healing those parts in each other which would allow you to go deeper into the relationship and develop more intimacy, instead of creating separation within yourself and each other.

What Can You Expect from a Pre-Marital Couples Retreat?

My focus is to help you understand yourselves better so you can show up for yourselves and therefore be a healthier partner. Conflict and disagreements are inevitable in marriage, this Pre-Marital Couples Retreat will give you the tools you need to enter into a relationship with more awareness, love and compassion for each other, and see each other in a new light.

You do not have to be in a crisis mode to benefit from this pre-marital couples retreat, you might just be looking for a way to ensure you have the tools to be in a deeper, more connected relationship with each other before marriage.

The Pre-Marital Couples Retreat can be anywhere from 1 day to 3, depending on the current situation of your relationship.

I will design your personal retreat after a FREE phone consultation to find out where you are in your relationship and what your intentions are.

Because the transformation can keep occurring after you leave the retreat, I have an After Care Program in place to help you integrate into your relationship with a new way of being. I do not offer a set price because each retreat is individually created depending on your needs, how many days you decide are right for you, and what modalities will be incorporated. After a consultation we will together decide if Sedona Soul Retrieval is right for your relationship and design the perfect retreat.

Transform your breakdowns into breakthroughs!

I also have an After-Care Program in place to help facilitate deeper breakthroughs because the transformation can keep occurring after you leave the retreat.

I love helping people recognise how they are living out of their limiting belief system, shift those beliefs, and live through their higher self and not act out of their ego.

It is my passion and my purpose to aid in the awakening of others and help them shift their lives to live a happier, more fulfilling existence.  It really inspires me seeing people have big breakthroughs that shift their current reality bringing them closer to themselves and others, with an open and honest heart.

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