Is 2018 going to be a year where you renew and reset or is it a year to keep going in circles? 2018 A New Year to Renew With A Personal Retreat

Here we are at the start of a new year and asking ourselves once again what our resolutions are, what our intentions are or how we want to show up in the year to come.

Starting the year with a personal retreat can set the stage for powerful new beginnings or it can be a time of renewal. Either way it can be a complete reset. In my personal retreats we look at old patterns, old beliefs that are creating the life we are living. If we are not able to recognize how we are living through old childhood wounds, our life will keep showing up in nonproductive ways. When we are able to shift old patterns that have a grip on us, our life starts unfolding differently. We are able to start co-creating with the universe by healing old wounds, shifting beliefs and living a more blissful life.

The universe keeps setting up situations to allow us to heal, so if we don’t get it the first time around there will be many opportunities to do our work. I don’t know about you but I would like to be aware enough to at least work on it when it comes. If I’m not even sure what my old beliefs are then I will not be able to work through them and therefore will not be able to shift them.

I am not one for setting intentions for the year; I am more about doing a reset to see if I’m on the right track. My intentions are always to continue to stay awake so I can go deeper into my knowing of who I truly am, which is pure love, pure consciousness. I don’t need to set this intention at the beginning of the year because I bring it to the light in my practice every morning.

Each day offers an opportunity to renew and create with the universe for change. It’s so difficult to be in situations that you feel stuck in that you can’t seem to change but you really want to. Maybe you are exhausted trying to shift the situation and haven’t figured out how to. Even looking back it is tough to understand how the choices that we have made have created our current situation.

I find it impossible to change our behaviors without knowing what our old beliefs or old stories are. Knowing this information gives us the tools we need to be able to not buy into the old belief so we can start shifting patterns and behaviors.

If you are interested in knowing yourself on a deeper level so that you can start to shift old limiting beliefs,and want to look at a Personal Retreat or Mentoring, Please give me a call or Click HERE to schedule your free consult. Or call me at 928-300-0447

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“Debra, I’m so grateful that the universe let our paths cross. I found you at the perfect time!Thank you so much for helping me gain insights into my inner child and how much damage she was causing. I look forward to practicing the tools you taught to help keep her in check and let me live in my higher self. And thank you also for teaching me how to forgive. You are a gifted guide and blessed are those of us who get to learn from you. Thank you also to Mark another generous soul who took me out on the land to feel the healing energy of the beautiful area.
Thank you again for these invaluable gifts.”

Debra Beck

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