Adult Mother Daughter Bonding RetreatsHow important is it to you to be bonded to your mother or your daughter?

Becoming more and more obvious to me is how important the mother-daughter relationship is. It seems to be so close when we are younger, then we go through our teenage years and it becomes a struggle and sometimes we make it to the other side after our teenage years. But what I see often is a more tumultuous relationship with the adult daughter and mother.

I think we have an understanding for going through difficult times when our kids are teenagers but when we become adults, we expect to be able to work through our issues and have a harmonious relationship. This is not always the case. What usually happens is the issues from childhood get stuck in us as an adult and tend to play them out in our adult life. In other words if we don’t clean up our childhood wounding we will act out of it more times than not.

It’s important for us to look at what happened in our childhood and use these situations to do our healing so that we can show up as mature adults acting out of our higher self. Otherwise we look like adults but we are acting like children! I’m sure you have seen this playing out in many adults.

In my adult mother-daughter retreats, both mother and daughter will learn how their childhood wounding is showing up in their life as an adult. They will also learn how to shift the limiting beliefs that they created and move into a place of love in this relationship. I have seen powerful shifts with these mother-daughter retreats. I always feel so honored to witness the love coming forward that has always been there, but has been blocked by the wounding.

Our biggest healing can come from our mother daughter relationships!

These mother-daughter retreats not only strengthen the mother-daughter bond of love for each other, they help shift all relationships in their lives. When we work through and heal our wounds from our childhood and shift our limiting beliefs we show up for self and others in a more loving way. Ultimately this is what we want to do and when we don’t show up in a loving way it moves us out of alignment with our self.

Is your mother daughter relationship in trouble?

Is your heart aching to reconnect?

Are you tired of being blamed for the problems?

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