If you are easily agitated, a personal retreat would help you to see what is going on and move through it. Are you Easily Agitated

What I notice with people that are on edge and easily agitated, is that there have been many triggers that have built up. What happens is life does what life does and if we don’t go inside and reflect on how we feel about certain situations, it will get the best of us.

Life isn’t going to be all peaches and cream and happy, happy, it is going to be up and down. It’s really all about how we perceive the situation and act on it. If we are triggered we need to  explore our old patterns and beliefs around the trigger, not just pretend it didn’t happen. When people are easily agitated it’s usually because they haven’t been doing their internal work.  They’re on autopilot in their life, just trying to make it through.

One area I notice that this shows up is with moms and daughters, because there is a familiarity and this feeling that family will be there no matter what, so the agitation tends to be projected onto family members more. This is why adult mother-daughter retreats are so powerful because both mother and daughter learn about their triggers with each other and how to move through them and do their healing instead of dump their feelings onto each other. It’s so transformational to do this work together.

I had a friend come stay the weekend awhile back and I noticed that she was a bit snappy because she had a lot going on in her life and when we talked about it she realized it was because she wasn’t processing through it. It is so important to process through the turbulence in our life so that this turbulence doesn’t stay in our body.

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