How hard is it for you to trust your feeling? Is it easy for you to stay open-minded?Being Open Minded

Being open-minded means that you’re willing to look at everything, including the things that you have discomfort with. This means challenging your beliefs and values at any given moment. Then after you really examine your feelings about a situation, then and only then can you make a good decision for yourself.

If I’m reading a book where I am exploring new ideas if I don’t allow my mind the open space to see if I resonate with it, I may either accept this book as truth or discarded without knowing. The key to this is to be able to really examine what’s being said and if it resonates with us.

The problem with this is that sometimes if we do not understand the different parts of our mind; ego mind versus higher mind we may not know what part of our mind we are making our decisions from. If we know the distinction between these two parts of our minds then it will be easier for us to decipher what resonates with us and what doesn’t.

Know who you are and it is easier to trust yourself!

This can also happens with our feelings. If there is a situation and I get a feeling in my body, I need to know if that feeling is coming from a trigger or a true warning. Sometimes I will get an intuitive hit that will let me know when a situation is off. But I can also get that same discomfort when my ego/little girl is activated. It is important for me to know which part of myself is coming up. An intuitive hit and a trigger can feel very similar. It can be nervousness in my stomach or tightness in my chest, to let me know something is off or my ego has hijacked me.

In my personal retreat I teach people how to recognize the difference so they are not acting out of their ego mind. It is so important to know the difference so that if a situation does come up or you are exposed to a new idea, you can accept it through your higher self.

It’s important to pause and just hold space for what we are feeling, sink into it and decipher if this is something we want to be open to and it’s right for us. These opportunities come many times throughout the day where we can choose to buy into a new idea, a different way of being, or a chance to shift and a limiting belief.

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