How do we decipher the many voices inside our heads?Deciphering the Many Voices Inside Our Heads

Sometimes it feels as if we have many different personalities living within us, expressing different needs and desires. The voices seem to be distinct from each other. When I first start to work with a client and we begin to pull the different parts of the self away from one another, it can make you feel a little crazy. It’s not that you weren’t feeling a bit crazy before separating these voices out, but just in a completely different way.

When we start to identify the Ego/little girl and maybe the addict, we are able to become aware of the way they operate, therefore stop our behaviors. The process I use in mentoring or individual retreats is first understanding how we operate through our wounds. I teach people how to heal using their experiences from the outside.

Usually these different voices come out when we are triggered. The best thing to do in a triggered state is to do nothing! Pause, and maybe ask our ego voice what story it is wrapped up in, realize it is a story and don’t take any action. When you start to have an understanding of your inner voice and why you are reacting, you can then make the conscious decision to not react from that lower part of you. After you process, then and only then can you take action because it will be through your higher self.

It is always very important to recognize that every experience we are having in life is for our higher learning and has nothing to do with the actual situation at all. Most of the time it doesn’t matter which of the voices is chattering, if it’s the lower self, we need to make sure we don’t get hung up in the story it has created.

My retreats create sustainable shifts, which make it impossible to live through your limiting belief system anymore.

When you start to master being aware of the lower voices and not buying into the storyline, this is when the real healing starts to happen. Every time you don’t take action through the Ego mind, this part of yourself shrinks and the higher self expands. After my 3-Day Intensive Retreat you will know how these voices have interrupted your life and learn how to heal and start behaving differently.

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