Can we embrace ourselves and other women in our pure femininity and beauty? Embracing who we are as Women

When we as women can look into our past without regret or shame knowing it was a learning experience and is brought us to our wise self, we bring all women closer to becoming their true self. When we self realize we help others become present to their strengths and wisdom.

When I witness another woman having self-respect and honoring herself, it reminds me of the importance of standing in my power and how it affects others. I’m not sure we understand the impact we have on others just with our behaviors.

When we see this divine in ourselves we start seeing it in other women, this is when we start seeing our body and mind as a holy vehicle, appreciating the feminine in us regardless of our age.  We can look at all her beautiful sisters and appreciate their experiences as well rather than seeing other women as competition. It’s a beautiful thing to look at another woman and see the cycle she is in and honor her for where she is.

There are so many reasons for women to honor and embrace who they are. And every time one woman chooses to do this, all women move closer to this as well. When we do our work around ourselves and we bring our authentic selves out into the world, we help people to see who they are. This is one of the biggest gifts that I see in my retreats, people coming into whom they really are and finding inner peace.

Embracing our womanhood will allow us to shine from the inside out with all of the beauty, strength and wisdom that we will ever want to possess. In this aging process I have had to adjust my mind and embrace his beautiful being that I am and with that I can show up for other women in their journey.


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