Have you ever experience loneliness? Most of us have. 

Have you ever explored your feelings of loneliness? We have days when we feel lonely or disconnected. The idea of loneliness stems from the belief that we are separated from everyone and everything. In looking at our loneliness we can begin to explore our belief about who we think we are. Are we this solid body that we so connect with, that we feel, that we see? Or are we spirit?

The actions we take to satisfy loneliness when we are connected to our physical self is always outside of us. We look for someone or something that can make the loneliness go away. When we know who we are, spirit, we don’t feel lonely because were connected to everyone and everything. We can know we are spirit in our minds but do we feel it in our knowing?

The easiest way to know where you are, is to look at how you Medicate around your feelings of loneliness. Loneliness is very hard to sit with. The feelings can be extremely overwhelming. So I urge you to explore what you do to suffocate the feelings of loneliness. Most people reach out to connect with other people, just to not feel the utter emptiness. Other meditators can be alcohol, drugs, shopping, or even negative thoughts.

Exploring LonelinessI would say that loneliness is one of the main feelings with most people. I think Facebook is a way to medicate loneliness. Have you noticed how many people seem to post and check their Facebook obsessively? They seem to be fighting their feelings of loneliness.

We do seem to be social creatures needing contact but what if we could stop needing the contact? There is a part of me that believes that we are meant to be with people, to be in partnership but I also believe that it is our learning to grow from our aloneness. To just know that we are connected to everyone and everything, which would mean that we are never alone.

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