Honoring Your Inner KnowingDo you  know yourself well enough to listen to your Inner Knowing, This is the essence of my work during your Sedona Retreat with me.

As long as I can remember, I have had this inner feeling of knowing. It has taken me a long time to learn how to tune into this place and listen. I used to get the feeling inside my body of just being off and instead of tuning in and seeing where that awfulness came from I would just make a decision without going inward.

We have inside of us this wisdom that we could not unlearn if we wanted to, although we need to learn how to tap into this knowing. If we could just be present with how we are feeling at every given moment we would find our answers right inside of us. The problem is that if we are on autopilot, moving through our day without tapping into that inner knowing we will be making all of our decisions from an unconscious place.

It is so important that we value this wise place our self.

This inner knowing is never swayed by outside influences, which means it will never ask us to go against our value system. Usually when we have an uneasy feeling inside, looking at that feeling and where it comes from we will see that a decision is on the table that might be out of alignment with who we are. We have this beautiful barometer right inside of us in regards to our life, it’s just sometimes we don’t utilize it.

When we are unsure about a decision we have to make, trusting someone, or knowing how we should respond to someone, we can find the answers right inside of us. If we can just get still for a moment and go inward it’s amazing how clear things are.

I Remember when I was in my 20s and early 30s how I would always turn to others to help me make decisions in my life. Not just big decisions but a lot of my decisions. It wasn’t until I learned to sink into this inner knowing and start making those decisions through that place instead of on my own or by listening to someone else.

In my Sedona retreat, I will teach you how to know yourself so well that it will be natural to allow that inner knowing to step in and make decisions. When we start listening to this inner knowing the world opens up to us in a more expansive way and we can recognize our true potential in this life.

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